Original Norton colors ??

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Hi all,

This has been asked here and there with no response, so I'll try again.

Does anyone know where one can obtain the original Norton color ... either HEX or RGB ... or even just a real color swatch :?

I want to match up the original, and need to know what it was for that year :?:

I know Roy Bacon't book has a chart, so if someone wouldn't mind faxing me, or scanning and PDF-ing me I would appreciate it.

I'll keep surfing.
Norton colors or colours

Hi Dana,

The reason you don't get a response is there is no information that a paint store will be able to use to mix the original Commando colors. The only real way to match is to find an original part that hasn't seen much sunlight and get the shop to match that. Metallics are difficult and the metal flakes are probably not likely.
Thanks David,

I guess I can remove the top enamel carefully to expose enough to match up visually.

I didn't know metalics were in production till lthe late 70's, early 80's.
I removed a good area of the black rattle-can enamel from the tank underside. The color is a maroonish-red and looks to be a metallic. It's a high quality paint (fuel-proof), so it's either the original, or an after-job. I like the color more and more!!

Anyway, I figure why in the world do I want to keep the stock color :shock: I'm going to repaint it anyway, so why not do what I want ... FLAMES anyone :lol:

My plan now is to paint it the same metallic or candy-apple red myself with Urethane and a bunch of clear coats. I won't bother with the original lacquer type paint. Urethane is harder, and less toxic. I'll also put the correct gold Norton decals under the clear.

Now I have to figure out how to paint 8)
I had same problem when trying to find original code for light blue I wanted to paint bike. None existed even from best sources in England. I ended up with a color called "Pacific Blue" which is also a Triumph stock color. I found the original metal flake blue under one of my side covers however it was a VERY HEAVY metal flake and looked garish as hell. So I went to my paint guy and he matched a color of Pacific Blue with light metallic in it and it came out perfect, a dead ringer for the original shade of blue without the "Las Vegas" chopper look. You will find that the pro vintage paint guys guard their color codes very closely and normally won't give out codes, this is what I found here anyway.
So best to find the color/shade you want (unless you want totally original) and go with it and be happy. There were not too many Norton factory colors anyway, like Black, Yellow, Red, Silver are the ones you see all the time. That is why I went for the blue, have not seen one like it here yet. Good luck.
Vancouver, Washington
'69 Norton Commando Fastback orig paint color w/badges-tank

I have a 1969 Norton Commando Fastback with round Norton badges on the tank. I am looking to find the original paint scheme for this model. Thanks.
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