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Existing VIP Members:

THANK YOU for being a VIP member. It really helps with the forum expenses.

If you are an existing VIP member and wish to review your invoices, update your credit card or open a support ticket, please login to your secure billing area here:

IMPORTANT: Your login details at the billing area are different to the forum login details. This is for security reasons. If you have forgotten your password there is a password reset. If you have forgotten your password and email associated with your account drop me a message.

Interested in becoming a VIP Member?

If you are interested in becoming a VIP member there are 2 options. Both options are billed via the secure billing area at dev2host (Access Norton's parent company). You can either pay by check or by credit card to become a member.

To pay by credit card please sign up here
(You will have options to pay Quarterly, Annually etc. during checkout.)

To mail a check please sign up here

There is no contract and you can stop your VIP membership at any time, at the end of a billing cycle. (Simply drop me a message.)

VIP member Benefits:

  • Supporting the forum and helping keep these bikes on the road
  • No advertising banners when you login
  • 500 MB of space to host photos and other docs
  • Bypass user content tag limit
  • Bypass flood check
  • Bypass spam check
  • Upload attachments to posts
  • Upload attachments to conversations
  • Allow extended text formatting in signature
  • Allow links in signature
  • Allow more lines in signature
  • View profile posts
  • Like profile posts
  • Add media to gallery
  • No time limit editing media and auto save
  • Crop and adjust media
  • Create photos albums and upload images
  • Bypass image watermarks
  • Extended time on editing comments in gallery
  • Tag members in media by anyone
  • Bypass approval when creating tags of others
  • Maximum Items Per Upload is 20
Click here to sign up as a VIP member

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