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Become an Access Norton VIP Member

Access Norton VIP Members:

VIP members help cover server costs and keeping the forum going strong. Thanks for your help.

Become a VIP and remove advertising banners. See the full VIP benefits listed below.

$3.25 for one month

$9.75 for 3 months

$19.50 for 6 months

$39 for 12 months

VIP member Benefits:

-> Classifieds Ads Space
-> Can view members online
-> Can search conversations
-> Can start a conversation from a post
-> Can upload a cover photo to your profile
-> No advertising banners when you login
-> Can post custom banners and links to your company
-> Ability to post an Event in the Access Norton Calendar
-> 500 MB of space to host photos and other docs
-> Bypass user content tag limit
-> Bypass the search flood check
-> Bypass spam check
-> Upload attachments to posts
-> Upload attachments to conversations
-> Search and arrange conversations
-> Allow extended text formatting in signature
-> Allow links in signature
-> Allow more lines in signature
-> View profile posts
-> Like profile posts
-> Add media to gallery
-> Create photo albums
-> Upload photos to posts, conversation and your photo albums
-> No time limit editing media and auto save
-> Crop and adjust media
-> Create photos albums and upload images
-> Bypass image watermarks
-> Extended time on editing comments in gallery
-> Tag members in media by anyone
-> Bypass approval when creating tags of others
-> Maximum Items Per Upload is 20
-> Can bookmark posts/ threads
-> Get a shiny badge
-> Support the forum. Keep these bikes on the road
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    Nov 13, 2017
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