Norton Commando Best Oil
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Best Oils For the Norton Commando

A big THANKS to Jim Comstock for evaluating oils that will work best in our Norton Commandos! Jim has spent a lot of time testing these oils. Click here to visit the Access Norton "Oil Tests" thread.
Donate to Jim for his hard work testing these oils:
  • The oil testing is done with a set load at 220 degrees for the first 30 minutes. This stresses the oil under high shear conditions and gives a good indication of the heat produced by friction.
  • Then the oil temp is raised to 320 degrees and the load is increased until a scar is produced on the follower. The test stops at this point and data is collected.
  • The red trace is follower pressure.
  • The black trace is follower temperature. The difference between the follower temp and the target oil temp is a good indication of heat from friction.
  • The green trace is friction.
  • The violet trace is cooling fan cycles. When it is high, the fan is on and it shows oil temp. When it is low then the oil is at the target temperature.
  • For use in a moderately tuned street performance Norton I would suggest a minimum load capacity of 150 lbs. Low friction is a plus, particularly in warm climates.
I will be updating this database as Jim sends me more oil info. Oils are not added in any particular order (yet). Use the Oil sorting functions below.
Oil Image Oil Name Oil Content Oil Failure Weight Oil Failure Temprature