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    Both units will create about the same vacuum in the crankcase. The unit that bolts to the rear of the case has larger ports so it draws...
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    Sorry, the correct mail address is
  • RoadScholar
    How about a few pictures, someone will ask, figured I beat 'em to it. Best.
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    RoadScholar replied to the thread Ready to start.
    Get all the what-ifs out of the way...;)
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    Had the same itch a few years back with a couple of '70s Commandos and a 961 Sport already in the garage but just enough room to get a...
  • RoadScholar
    RoadScholar replied to the thread Fork Oil Grade.
    Try Motorex 15w, if you must have a brand name, for break-in the new parts it really doesn't matter what brand you use. And it will...
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    Can't answer you're specific question, but I have had a new Lucas stator/rotor (not Wassell) for ~4 years. The only issue I have had...
  • I think he ran a few sizes, through the years. I've seen one of the early A65 where Chris was saying they got 60hp fairly easily from...
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    The BSA twin that Chris Chris Vincent successfully raced was, despite what it stated in the race program was actually a 800 cc twin...
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    Looks like the owner wasn't afraid to ride it, clean enough..... Drip pan is clean.... Excuse me for thinking with my fingers, but it...
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  • Bernhard replied to the thread Inter 500 valve lifter.
    Thanks for the info, I've finally found a b & w pic of my late brother in laws Norton with his old man a stride it. Valve lifter included.
  • Bernhard replied to the thread Peripherial Neuropathy.
    Sorry for your bug infection. Due to the big lockdown and shielding I've not been near anyone without a face mask, I've had no winter...
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    Thanks for all the insight. Glen, the torque is what I like from an engine, I prefer my T150 to the T160 I had, and I prefer my 920...
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    Stop press!; A Norton won the 24 hr Bol D'or in France 9 times between 1935 to 1959, but this is not on a 750..