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Dec 24, 2003
Mr Damp,

Would you by any chance know the color codes for Norton Commando Paints ?

I noticed you worked there for a bit & just thought you be able to find out ?

The 1972 "Orange" color is one in particular someone has asked me for...

Any help from anyone would be much appreciated.
Sorry, sport, I don't think I'll be able to help. After I left in June 1968, Norton-Villiers sorta collapsed in on itself. The place I worked (the old Villiers engine plant in Wolverhampton) was closed and subsequently demolished.

The company moved to Andover, but most of the folk I knew were laid off.

As best I can figure, the orange color we used on the upholstery of the 1968 show bikes was as close as makes no difference to the color of the orange band in the Irish Republic flag. I didn't folow things too closely after I left in 1968, so I'm not sure what else may have been orange in 1972.

I think we used ICI paints, but I'm not sure where the vinyl seat covers were sourced - maybe Courtaulds or somewhere else in ICI. The most likely explanation is we got a roll end from some local fabric dealer.

The best I can suggest is getting in touch with one of the UK classic motorcycle magazines and asking for help through a reader's letter.
Commando paint codes


Request for orginal paint codes comes up frequently. Even if you had a code from the original paint it would be obsolete and useless. The best chance is if someone has matched an originally painted item with a custom mixed color and can share a modern code along with the paint maker. If you have access to an original color, you can have it matched on your own.

My roadster bodywork is the original signal red and I plan to eventually have my fastback bodywork matched. So far I bought five cans of Norton factory touchup paint in rattle cans just for a base color on the fastback stuff. These come up a lot on e-bay or you can go direct to Domi Racer ($20 for five cans). Over that I sprayed PPG clear coat. It works, but not perfect. Domi Racer has original yellow, orange, red and some others. They said there is no pressure left in the cans, but it's only the valve is stuck. If you take the spray head off and use a toothpick to push open the seal it then works. Smells like old paint!
Thanks for your replys. I have asked this question about norton commando paint codes all around the world before today.

A lot of norton owners from around the world also ask questions of me because of my commando website. As Frank Damp had just joined & said that he worked for norton, I thought he may be worth asking. No such luck, but it was worth asking the question once more. You don't know if you don't ask. RE: The original orange colour, We have a bloke in Australia that has owned one for 35 years & it is totally originall except for one tank badge that was replaced. He thinks a trophy hunter took the original ! The orange paint was what I was trying to find an answer for.

David, what you have said may be the answer. The bloke wants to copy of the original orange & I do know the cans you have mentioned. I will let him know that he may be able to get some cans from domiracer.

Thank you both for trying to help with answers.
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