PWK Replacement carby

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Dec 24, 2003
Hi All,

Just wondering if any of you have tried the PWK carby at all ?

Any knowledge about them would be appreciated :D

I have been "away" from nortons & have just purchased a basket case 1974 850 that I want to put together a bit like the CNW bikes. Engine doesn't match frame & is missing a tank, seat, alternator, headlight & tail light. So I reckon it is a good candidate for a bit of a custom build.

Worth a go

Thanks for the link norbsa
Well is seems that one is worth a go then...............

The ebay number was 320230891626, it is not for a 32mm but when I emailed the seller asking whether or not he had a single manifold & carby setup for an 850 commando he replied via email that he had them for US $168.00 plus shipping costs.

I will have to attach a photo of this "mess" I purchased in pieces.
I can picture it in 6 weeks time looking a lot different :D
Just in case anyone was wondering:

JRC Engineering offers a variant of the popular and efficient Keihin “PWK” carburetor as a replacement for Amal Concentric. The PWK is a much more technically advanced design than the Mikuni VM round slide, and decades ahead of any Amal design including the Concentric Mk II. This is not a “knock-off”, but a...

All this sounds real familiar.
They are decent carbs, but you've got the spec the application for the jetting, and the return springs were weak in the first batches. Supposedly, they have much better springs now.
Yes it is a Norton

Yes it is a Norton :oops: ... n_Pic1.jpg

This proves it :D ... fWork2.jpg

Hoping to have ready for Unapprachable Rally first weekend in May.

Need a Tank, Interstate Seat, Alternator, Headlight, Taillight & all new Nuts and bolts, Bearings etc.

Frame off to Powdercoaters Tomorrow, while I do the Engine, Gearbox(have one) & polish some alloy. ... Polish.jpg

If anyone has an Interstate Tank lying around not being used, please get in touch :idea:
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