Just bought a 1971 norton 750.......

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Mar 27, 2008
New to british bikes. Just bought a 1971 norton 750 for 800.00 us. Have allot of questions for all of you. Need help with wiring need wiring diagram. Battery info.which one? bike is custom and am thinking of bringing in back to stock. What colors were available?
Any help appreciated.

Welcome Dan. You'll find a lot of helpful people here.

Re the wiring diagram, you will find one in the Haynes manual for the Commando, which despite some faults is worth having. About $20 I think.

For wiring diagrams, I particularly like the large, color, laminated ones that "Prospero's Garage" sells. They're about $18 I think. You can get them on eBay, and probably elsewhere - Google that name and I bet they come up.

If you're new to British bikes, remember they're positive ground and RED IS GROUND, black (and a few others, like white and brown with blue stripe) is hot. If you're used to red/hot, black/ground, it takes some getting used to.

Good luck, and again, welcome.
$800! :shock: If it is at all complete, that's a great price!

Here's a link to a factory shop manual for your bike. You will notice that the 1971 wiring diagram is separate from the '68-'70 and '72-'74. The differences are slight, but there.

In '71 the Roadster was available in black with gold letters, orange or yellow with black letters, and maybe more. The fastback was available in red, green or metallic blue. The SS in yellow with black side panels.

Welcome aboard! How 'bout posting a picture of your new find. :)
welcome to the 1971 club: mine has'nt started since about 1985 or so......

but it will in a few weeks !:)

Just bought a 1971 norton 750.......

Just bought a 1971 norton 750.......

Here are pictures of my norton before upgrades
Dan, If you can find 20M3S Commandos with a few non-standard bits for $800/ £400 then we should be asking you questions (like where ? How ? Are there any more ? :)
Trying to find out about this bike. Friend from works girlfriends ex-hubby had this bike. 12,965.5 miles on it. Not driven since 1993??????. Trying to find location of serial numbers on it. Tranny has 149075 on it. can't find motor serial number yet.
Given your local. Get with The British Bike Connection. The owner Jim has done near 300,000 miles on a Norton Commando.
Before you definitely decide to restore it as standard, you should have a look at a Hi-Rider because that's probably what it started life as.

Original early seats are not so easy to find but most of the rest of your non-standard parts are available new (or acceptable equivalents if you're not after 100% ex-factory).

The engine number should match your gearbox number (prefixed by 20M3S) and be stamped on the drive side crankcase half close to the breather tube.

Frame number would have been on an anodised aluminium plate rivetted to the headstock.

Although your bike has been a bit messed around with, most of the bits that need replacing like fork tubes, silencers and seat would be needed on any project bike.

Go Fot It !
Actually, High Riders had stock length fork tubes. That's a Roadster tank, I believe. If it's a steel tank, it's got some value.

For the serial number, look on the Left side of the engine, just below the cylinder fins, stamped on the aluminum case. The frame number plate is just behind the headlight.

As was stated, just new fork tubes, mufflers and seat, and you're almost there!
The number stamped on the motor is 20M3S149075. I believe the tank is steel. The previous owner drained all fluids from the bike. Just installed the battery . Horn and light work. No brake light that i can tell. Need toorder brake ligt switch and horn button so far. What motor oil should be used? fork oil will be type f tranny fluid.
Just found out that the norton i bought came from the same town I live in. The only thing that the previous owner changed was the handle bars.
Want to keep it with the fork extentions on it. Possible new seat.
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