Engine Plates , Norton wideline twin, Norton laydown, Triumph T110 pre unit

Black books? Do you mean there is a shop dealing in dirty books like well-thumbed motorcycle manuals/ or do they just do Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance?
Tank you guys for all those expert opinions and advices. !

Matt, great idea! can that be the reason why the engine in the JV Specials lean forward.
please refer:

Accoring to an old issue of M C M , if you throw the Triumph engine In , on the Norton Std Plates , Rear . you drill a new top hole .

The motor leans forward a bit .

a stick under the engine so ' free play ' is neutral - whack up patterns for front plates .

If youve a drill press & a vice , you should be able to replicate in aluminum .

If you dont want it leaning forward , redrill ALL the rear engine holes .
Problem solved then Steko!

Although, just to repeat, IMHO, given where you are in the build process currently, you’d be better off swapping for a different box.