1. Café au Lait

    cNw #101 Norton Commando 850

    Hi Guys, Been lurking in these parts for a while now but feel it’s time to put my head above the parapet and make my first post. As you’ve probably guessed, both from the title and my avatar I’m the the proud owner or I should say, soon to be to be more specific, of cNw #101 Norton Commando...
  2. 1971 Norton Commando 750 Cafe

    1971 Norton Commando 750 Cafe

    This 1971 Norton Commando started life as a Fastback. Sometime in the late 70s or early 80s the Curley GRP fairing, tank, and seat was installed. I don’t know the actual history of the bike as I got it from an estate sale 10 years ago. It runs great and so there was no need to go through the...
  3. Shelby-Right

    So you want to own a classic motorcycle. Funny as .

  4. Late 1972 Commando 750 for sale

    Late 1972 Commando 750 for sale

    Bike has sold for 8500$ Turning 70 this year and time to start thinning the herd. Bike has been regularly ridden and is completely sorted.
  5. jfcowell

    Los Angeles Norton help

    Hey there, I’ve got a 1970 Norton Commando with a Mikuni 2-1 carburetor that needs adjustment. I’ve moved from 9,000’ altitude and need to get it working at sea level. Does anyone have a recommendation for who could do this in the Los Angeles? Any assistance would be appreciated.
  6. phliper

    Norton WAL replacements

    Hey guys just realize that I don’t have any WLA on my 74 850 roadster. I found this on eBay : would you recommend it or you recommend the stock part from Andover? regards
  7. boetiethecat

    Digital parts manuals

    Hi just joined here, im new to motorbike restoration (well personally people are know do it) but decided I would like to restore an old bike so, ive got 4!! No idea where to start, how to start etc. just got a bit of time on my hands. Im a fitness person so that's my job, travel a lot for it...
  8. C

    Gearbox identification

    The '68 Norton project (identified through engine and frame serial number) I've purchased has a gearbox with the following stamped on it 307723 Z. Out of all the Norton parts books I've looked through I can't find what year it is from or if it is even a Norton gearbox. Looking for help...
  9. richard-7

    catalytic converter FAILS

    Our customer has a 2014 that we couldn't figure out its horrible running since last year. After swapping a new ECU, adding the O2 plugs, playing with different maps and swapping out every sensor we were almost giving up. It would sometimes run great and then other days run horrible. My dad...
  10. S

    Engine Plates , Norton wideline twin, Norton laydown, Triumph T110 pre unit

    Good evening, i discussed with my mate if a Norton laydown gearbox and a Triumph T110 engine fit together in a wideline twin frame. Does that work? And where can i get matching engine plates? regards Stefan
  11. James1993

    1954/55 Norton Dominator

    Hi, I know this is probably a long shot but I’m looking to trace the whereabouts of a bike that belonged to my 91 year old Grandad from 1954/55 until 1968. I have photo albums full of its tours through France/Italy/Switzerland during the 50s, and also a newspaper clipping from 1958 where my...
  12. richard-7

    TonyA's Engine Rebuild

    Tony decided to come to Niagara Falls Canada to rebuild his engine. Here are a few pics. I'll let him post the rest of the pics and the findings. He may not be back on the forum for a few days though... And we're happy he made it.... because his trailer broke in our driveway. We almost...
  13. Doug MacRae

    2017 video racing the Norton at Mosport & the MV 500 four at NJMP

    New on board video of me racing my Norton Commando 750 short stroke at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Mosport) in the Period 3 Superbike class (yes, I just got around to editing it now...!) Big thanks to Fullauto & JS Motorsport I was invited by Team Obsolete to race along side Dave Roper...
  14. Glenn by ES2

    Glenn by ES2