Jan 28, 2015
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Hi just joined here, im new to motorbike restoration (well personally people are know do it) but decided I would like to restore an old bike so, ive got 4!! No idea where to start, how to start etc. just got a bit of time on my hands.
Im a fitness person so that's my job, travel a lot for it, when home I don't have much to do as R&R, lie to do something aside from fitness!
Always liked bikes (naked bikes!) so wasn't really sure how to or where to start, bit worried that its gonna be really hard but whatever, its an adventure!
So I have (had a bit of help from a friend so I knew a bit of what I was buying) got a Norton, BSA, Velocette and ajs…..all in bits...literally - I suppose this might make it easier!
So have a few questions - hopefully some of you can help me out! I prefer to DO stuff rather than sit on a PC.
One of my thoughts was how to keep records of doing this (these) restorations! Do you keep records as such?? How?? Bits of paper? I thought maybe using the PC, just for ease of use and tidiness! Like I said not a great PC fan but obviously have to use it anyway. Cant really find much to help me out though came across a 'PC type programme' that looks pretty helpful, so before I try has anyone else tried this type of thing.
I found this on a website called classical vintage restoration, seems pretty helpful, manuals, etc etc. Some kind of online filing system? Or is it better to keep files!
And any other helpful tips on a first time restorer etc please!
Hopefully you can help me out!
Congratulations and welcome. I just got into it a year ago and this forum is the right place to be.
The fact you are going to log your work is whats important. How you do it is a personal preference thing. Make sure its convenient and easy for you because there will be many entries.

I am a pc guy so i use an excel sheet and keep receipts in a file. I was told by a seasoned norton friend to save and tag everything that comes off the bike even if you dont plan to put it back on. Im glad i did.