Will an 850 commando fit in the back of a cargo van?

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Oct 1, 2003
After 2 months of trying to find a way to pick up my mint condition 75 850 commando I have decided on renting a cargo van. Something like a GMC Express or a Ford Econoline. My question is whether or not the 850 will fit in the back of the van. I know that I may have to remove the mirrors and lay the handlebars down but I dont want to travel 650 miles and find out that I am screwed. Thanks for any and all replies.

~John C. Fox


I used a box trailer normally set up for dirt bikes. Still the Norton was too long. I had to wedge it in on an angle. Getting the bike secured is the key.
The trailer had lots of tie down points which was great.

If you secure the bike from the handlebars and compress the forks you run the risk of blowing the fork seals.

Good luck.
john, two weks ago i picked up my 1969 commando in a
GMC savannah,a full size cargo van.the tough part was getting
the lady out who helped me. just make sure you tie down
the front shocks good luck jimd
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