Triumph Tiger dual coil fitment

Apr 2, 2010
Has anybody fitted one of these dual output coils to a 1976 Triumph Tiger? If so, where have you fitted it and how?
Depends on your taste, if your still running points or E.I.? I have set them right in the tool tray but you have to build some brackets to steady up the back plate. Easy to do.
I have no pictures but it is dead simple. Use a 3/4 X 3/4 X 1/8 web angle iron bracket mounted high on the back flap of the tool box to set the coil in mid air and central in the tool box. Then add two sheet metal brackets to each end of the box that link the back flap to the front one down where it's strong. These are just strips of metal with a bend and a hole at each end. Without these brackets the heavy coil would break the tool box and shake the coil to it's death.
Thanks for that. I was toying with the idea of removing the tool tray/coil bracket and fabricating another that would allow me to place a fuse box at one side and the Pazon at the other.
Remove the coil bracket assembly from under the seat, relocate the horn from under the front of the gas tank to the underside of the battery tray, use the former horn mount upfront to mount the coil. The area freed up by removing the coil bracket under the seat can now be used to install a spin on type oil filter.