reliable gas taps

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Aug 24, 2005
For Hewho, and anyone else who has suffered with shoddy,poorly sealing gas taps,I bought a set from Jim Noll at British Bike Connection in Rochester, New York,they are machined from aluminum bar,brass internals and two Viton seals,I tested these at work to 30psi for 15 mins. without leakage,they flow approx. two pints of gas per min.,they do not look stock but they sure do cure the gas tap problems.They are currently around $50 each.Ride safely. James.
Thanks...sound good, but a bit on the high side, considering the budget. Have to wait and see how long these funky things I have, last..they don't leak yet, and all the bad symtoms have disapeared because they pass enough gas now. I bet we will hear more about these stinkers in the near future of us will have motor damage or get stranded.

I think these have been supplied to all major Norton/brit bike retailers because they are so pretty and original looking...but they are time bombs.
I had problems with poor quality OEM-style taps as well. I replaced them with BAP gas taps, which I'm told were original fitment on certain Triumph models. Two years later, no problems :)

Hewho, I think you'll find the BAPs are more "budget friendly" too!


What are the BAP valves? I also had a bad experience with the "original design" valves and have put the dripping originals back on. I saw several bikes with Jim Noll's valves at the National Rally this year. They are very nice but a bit pricy for my budget too, especially for two of them and adaptors to use with the Mukuni.

Phil Radford/Fair Spares America has them for $34 each, according to his website. Any major brit parts dealer should have them, although some of the Norton-only specialists (OldBritts for example) might not.

hewho - I believe they're made in Germany so you might be able to get them at a better price!

I have used all 3, stock, BAP and Jim Noll's.
Jim's are very nice but with my feeble eyes and the round knob with the engraved pointer, I can't tell whether the gas is on or not.
With the BAP lever, there is never a doubt.

My $.02 worth

Added: Also, Jim Knoll's has a barbed spigot for the fuel line in lieu of the threaded fitting for the Commando line. Mods must be made if running stock.
Glad I read this post as I have the same problem with taps as Hewho... described. Anyone have any experiance with the Norvil brand as sold by Old Brits, etc?
Cruised the Internet and still can't find what these wonderful BAP gas taps look like. Found some German firm that goes by that name, and makes heating, cooling, air valves, so it might be the source of these, but not any listed in their website that seem to fit the bill, that I noticed.

Anyone set a picture in; source and price?

Mine are still working nice, after I pulled them apart and changed the inards...but naturally I will have to replace them some time soon as the rubber seals are ripped up and they will leak. At 8 dollars a gallon, no need for leaving puddles under the bike.... :wink:

As MKJEN asked...any info on our favorite suppliers' product? Pictures?

hewhoistoolazytologin said:
Cruised the Internet and still can't find what these wonderful BAP gas taps look like.

I don't know what you searched, but I got a hit straight off:

The type I have are the same style as the originals, and I either got them from Norvil or RGM (I don't remember exactly-I think Norvil?) and they do not seem to have any seal that can get chewed up or swell.
Although they do have an additional O-ring around the wide part of the cone to stop fuel leaking out at the lever.
Thanks...didn't find anything like that...but might have used different search words, or different search machine....

The bogus ones I have now, don't have a cone shaped center, but rather a cylindrical shaped one, and certainly no "O" ring where you describe....have bookmarked the website... actually the ones I have, wouldn't be bad items, if the manufacturer had just taken the extra 30 seconds and one extra step in manufacture that it would require, to build them correctly and professionally. And then had tried them out himself, for more than ten minutes..... :wink:

Good old "Pride in Workmanship" principal......

I am fairly sure that BAP taps are Italian made but can't find the evidence at the moment.

They come with several lever forms. Those on the link are the ugliest I have seen. Some have a grey plastic lever which looks a bit cheap.

BAPs were fitted to "old" Triumphs from about 1981 I think. There is always somebody at big shows selling them. I think that my last set came from Carl Rosner.

The nice thing about them is that they have a flat face held against a synthetic rubber seal by an involute spring washer so if it eventually wears, you get a second chance simply by turning the rubber over.
My BAP's have metal handles like the one in the link. I don't really care what they look like, I just want taps that don't clog and don't leak.

Thought I'd seen them on late-70's T140 Triumphs, but don't remember for sure.

debby said:
Thought I'd seen them on late-70's T140 Triumphs, but don't remember for sure.

They were used on Triumphs during 1980-81 although having a different lever design.

A grey/gray plastic lever type was then used on later Triumphs (including the Les Harris built Bonnevilles I think?) but those ones I believe were made by Paioli.
BAPs are my first choice as well. Got 'em on all my bikes. Some folks say they are ugly but I think they look fine. And they work!! Never had one leak yet. Got mine from Art Xander at Xander's Britbikes for about 30 bucks a pair I think.

Sounds like they are well made...but God...they are indeed ugly!! Good thing they are up under the tank...hidden.....sort of..... :wink:

When I have my beautful but poorly made taps go to the dustbin....I will most likely end up putting the BAPs on too......horror! Now we will have ugly, on top of the tank, and under it!... :lol:
hewhoistoolazytologin said:
Sounds like they are well made...but God...they are indeed ugly!!

The type shown in the link are the new style, if you were to shop around you should hopefully still be able to get a set of the older style ones with the square section lever shape (if it should be the lever part that you find so aesthetically unappealing?).
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