cylinder studs

Aug 6, 2005
I have the front two cylinder studs stripped and am wondering what thread these studs have so I can heli coil or time sert them. Does anyone know if they are whitwirth, BSF or american threads and what size.


They are 5/16-26 x 2 which makes it a CEI thread. Is the thread stripped from the barrel or from the stud?
Being a 26 TPI thread you'll need a 5/16-26 Recoil kit or have an insert made and tapped to 5/16-26 internally. Recoil kits are available from Old Britts and others. Heli-coil or TimeSert doesn't make anything in 26 TPI.

Alternatively have someone with a lathe make a stepped stud threaded 5/16-26 on one end and 3/8-24 at the other, then drill and tap the barrel 3/8-24. Use loctite and screw in the stud far enough to make the 3/8 to 5/16 step flush.

I'd choose the Recoil route.