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Jan 14, 2004
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I thought I'd start a new thread since my concern is the side stand.
I have a 71 with what appears to be an unblemished side stand factory mount. The stand has been removed, I was considering putting one on.
What is the issue with these? I have heard they break and your bike falls to they fall off while riding and cause a crash.
This particular mount is welded as a gusset between the front cross bar and the side rail with the pin inboard, upside down. Is this correct? It appears to be strong. I have some theories as to what is wrong this, but I'd like some feedback.

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The earlier sidestands were a bad design.

It is personal choice, but it is very simple to weld the later lug on & even put a new cross brace between the downtubes.

Then you have the better sidestand.

If you want originality over practicality then don't do it.
Otherwise do it.
The issue is that the sidestand is held in position by a flimsy little circlip at the BOTTOM of the pin. So you go for a ride, the circlip pops off, the stand falls off and digs into the pavement, and...

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Have a quick look at this nice 1971 Norton Commandos.
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... eName=WDVW

Then have a look at the buyers description relating to the sidestand.

I am willing to bet anyone that disagrees with me that this type of sidestand was introduced for the 1971 model.

Shock & horror, I know, but it just may be possible..............
Have a glance throught the 1971 norton catalogue "Wild Bunch" also, if you happen to have one.
I just know that some are going to say the above bike has been modified.
Don't worry I have similar reactions in Australia relating to this sidestand/centrestand "discovery"
Looks like a nice bike doesn't it? Too bad it's got the crappy sidestand, fibreglass tank, and drum brake.

Reg, I think the comments were to the effect that the 72+ sidestand was introduced at some point part way thru the 71 model year. So some 71's have the crappy stand, others were more fortunate and got the good one.


I didn't like the look of those U-Bolts holding a norton up. (the brit-cycle site).

Maybe it could be fitted and welded for more strength ?

In reference to the 72+ sidestand debate, I have had to eat my words b4, so lets how it ends up. As long as the facts are correct in the end, I don't mind admitting I am wrong if I am.

How is your norton going ?
nortonfan said:
How is your norton going ?

Hey Reg, sounds like you're keeping busy!

My new imitation Lucas ignition switch arrived and I installed it. It looks like a good unit - has a nice positive feel and it checks ok with the voltmeter. Haven't had a chance to run the bike with it though. Too busy, and now it looks like winter weather is headed our way.

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