1. Bluesman3000

    How to adjust front drum brake

    My 1968 Norton Commando has about 1400 miles on it since being restored. I've noticed that the front brake performance is a bit soft and would like to adjust it. I do most of my own work but I'm unsure how to proceed with this. I thought maybe the handlebar lever would be sufficient adjustment...
  2. Seeley (copy) project : need engine gearbox and front end.

    Seeley (copy) project : need engine gearbox and front end.

    Hi. I'm in France. But I have mates in UK. (I mention that for delivery & co.) I built this bike but didn't know what I was doing - with that Ducati front end it was dangerous. Did nasty tank-slappers. So I duly fell off, rubbed my sore bum and then put all the bits back into their original...
  3. 1974 Ducati 750 GT

    1974 Ducati 750 GT

    For sale: 1974 Ducati 750 GT. $24,500. It is a beautiful bike and presents very well and rides like a modern motorcycle. The engine number is 753556. The engine is in the original frame and to my knowledge the bike has never been crashed. Engine was professionally rebuilt in 2012. Included...
  4. Mark III Roadster for Sale - bike is a runner, currently licensed and insured.

    Mark III Roadster for Sale - bike is a runner, currently licensed and insured.

    Electric Start Works. Bike Shifts On Left. Will keep up with freeway traffic and will stop. Front master cylinder modified to add stopping power.
  5. Late 1972 Commando 750 for sale

    Late 1972 Commando 750 for sale

    Bike has sold for 8500$ Turning 70 this year and time to start thinning the herd. Bike has been regularly ridden and is completely sorted.
  6. Anvill

    MKIII cross shaft primary to gearbox alignment

    Hi all, I have been restoring an MKIII Commando over the past several months. I couldn't have come as far as I have without the knowledge people have shared through this incredible forum. But for the first time I have come across an issue I can't seem to find information on, and was hoping...
  7. davamb

    850 Engine Build Help Please

    Hi all, I'm building up an 850 engine and have a couple of final points that are of concern. I'd be thankful of some help from the brains trust: 1. Crank thrust washer - Presumably to set the crank end float. I see it in the parts diagram, but not mentioned in the assembly steps and nothing in...
  8. Coolhands

    Intro - Hi from Florida!

    Hey folks I’m new. Finally found a 1972 Commando that you folks hadn’t got to yet. Drove up to Raleigh from central Florida to pick it up and trailer home last weekend. Hadn’t run in at least 12 years and from the looks of things hadn’t run much. Lots of parts store wiring connections, leaky...
  9. Samuel Whittle

    Gearbox outer case assembly Clearance

    Hi everyone, I am reassembling an outer gearbox cover on a 72 Commando. The old one fits fine but was all banged up so I ordered a new one from Andover Norton, I know the assembly was exactly as before but now it is not clearing the clutch cable lever (it was before). Could the outer gearbox...
  10. yves norton seeley

    Striping Sunburst - 2

    The nude frame: 9.5Kg or 20.9 pounds. Swing arm 2.4 Kg or 5.9 pounds Genius simplicity by Colin Seeley Forks legs with Consentino internals Takasago Excel weel with Hemings twin rotors Back weel with Maney system Hi there, I work only 3 days last week, I spend my workshop hours to go to the...
  11. yves norton seeley

    Who knows the story of this bike ?

    V5 Image removed by the moderator as it contains personal information. Please cover or blank out the names and addresses if you repost. Hi There, My friend Fabien ask me to work on his project. I wish to know the story of this bike. What I know so far: The bike start his life as a 1955...
  12. Dune

    Fell in my lap, '15 Commando Sport MK1

    So i've been talking about Nortons for months, and a good buddy of mine is in the whole salvage auto business. suddenly he sends me an Auction on Copart for a '15 Commando sport, Salvage title (Dismantled) . Yesterday was my 34th Birthday and said, What the heck, lets go for it. :p Highest...
  13. phliper

    rewiring and a breaker

    Hi guyz I am rewiring my commando 74. I had an old wire harness and I had shorts with it. I’m about to change the complete harness. Would it be a good thing to add a contact breaker before the negative pole of the battery by replacing the fuse? i was thinking about a boat breaker that support...
  14. swooshdave

    Norvil Rearsets

    So people just don't like these but I've gotten use to them. If you have a set for a Commando (pre-MkIII) you want to get rid of let me know. Thanks!
  15. robs ss

    Commando Seat Rebuild Advice

    I'm looking for advice on what the best and most durable preparation & paint(?) system is for a Commando seat base - including any tips on work that may be necessary on the foam to improve the result. Is the stock method of attaching the cover to the base still the way to go or is there...
  16. Mick91


    Hello all, I recently did a bit of work on my 1970 Norton 750 Commando; new tank, new cylinder head, new oil lines, clutch cable, and new clutch plates. I am running into an issue with the clutch. When I first installed everything, the clutch was far too tight, (two hands were required to...
  17. Hans A Schenck

    Norton mechanical help in/around San Francisco?

    Hello - I was handed down a '71 Commando from a generous friend who hadn't kicked it over in years. It's a little rough, but the engine is strong. I had a shop back home get it running again and I had a blast on it last summer. Since then it's sat and now I'm in SF. I'm hoping to get it back...
  18. phliper

    1974 commando kickstart gone crazy

    Hey guys, Here is a video This morning, I tried to start my commando with all the advices received in my previous post. Suddenly the kickstart became « free ». In the video you can see that the lever blocks at some point. Any ideas? Thanks
  19. phliper

    Norton 1974 won’t start

    Hi, I tried to start my norton after some work on it. Spark plugs are good, carb freshly cleaned up. I got spark, but the kickstart kicks back. My battery shows 11.9 volts after 2 minutes with the headlight test. Should I change my battery? Thanks! Phil
  20. Doug MacRae

    2017 video racing the Norton at Mosport & the MV 500 four at NJMP

    New on board video of me racing my Norton Commando 750 short stroke at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Mosport) in the Period 3 Superbike class (yes, I just got around to editing it now...!) Big thanks to Fullauto & JS Motorsport I was invited by Team Obsolete to race along side Dave Roper...