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Dec 1, 2006
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despite thinking I know the chaos of the shed perfectly I seem to have lost the studs for my fuel tank. The tank is at the painters and I would like to sort out some more by the time I get it back.
Anyone know the diam, length and threads please?
Hi there shedweller,

I couldn’t help but notice that you are in Freemantle. I spent several days there before traveling on to Exmouth some three years agio. I visited every museum in Freemantle, including the automotive museum, which exhibited a MKIII Commando!

But the most interesting place was the little steam engine museum next to the submarine on display at the port. Many of the featured steam engines were actually running – very cool indeed. Thanks for stirring up the fond memories.

Hi Jason,
Yeah, I've had need to go to the car museum to use the Mk3 as a reference , as mine was a basket case in boxes. Do you remember the heartbreaking Ariel Sq4 chopper?
I am off up to Darwin tomorrow then from there down through the Kimberleys by boat , so I will catch some fish for you and say hello to Exmouth.
Please contact me if you come back
For what it is worth. I would never use the studs in the tank. I use the muffler ISO rubbers, they have the 3/8 fine thread needed and will save your tank great harm in a minor spill.
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