Substitute Yamabond for paper gaskets?

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Jun 14, 2007
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Anyone done this, or know if it can be done? In my case specifically, I need to replace a paper gasket from under the rocker spindle plate. It'll take me a while before I can get one, was thinking hoping I could just use good old grey Yamabond, but invite your thoughts. Thanks - BrianK
Well, I'm trying it on the rocker spindle plate. Will report results! - BrianK
Thanks Cash. I'm letting the Yamabond cure overnight - I'll start it up when I get home tonight. If I have no pressure to the gauge I'll know that notwithtstanding my efforts to avoid blocking the feed hole, the danged stuff covered it. But I'm hopeful.
Success! It seems to have worked. No leaks, and the oil pressure gauge I installed is working. I'll keep an eye on it, but first indications are good. - BrianK
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