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Aug 23, 2004
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***I edited my previous post, but it doesn't seem to attract any attention, so i thougt i would try weith a new topic (sorry for spamming you all!)***

As I said before, my advice when purchasing the clutch center and bearing was to freeze the bearing and drop it over the clutch center, and then install in clutch sprocket. When I drove out the old bearing yesterday I saw that that couldn't work since the bearing and center install from opposite sides.

Today In a fit of time-pressed enthusiasm, i switched my brain off, and installed the bearing onto the clutch center first. So of course, now i can't get the bearing plus center into the clutch sprocket... dumb!

Is this a one shot deal, and have I ruined the clutch center now? Any tips to get the bearing back off? Will it be usable when i do?

Learning by doing is bloody expensive...
The first thing to do is not panic :) It is pretty well inconceivable that the centre will be ruined (they are supposed to be hardened after all !)

You will have to look at the bearing carefully to see if you can get a couple of thin levers behind. In an ideal world, you should only lever on the inner race but my feeling is that if the bearing isn't too much of an interference fit on the centre, then you should just get away with it. Just go carefully and ease it all round, a bit at a time. Once it's off, give it a good clean and a visual inspection then listen to it spinning.

If you think that you've damaged the bearing during removal then best to replace it but it's not the most highly stressed in the bike and it only operates when the clutch is disengaged.

I once burned my knuckle dropping a Superblend main bearing into heated crankcases and it went in crooked. Re-heating didn't help so I had to drift it out using the inner. Bearing in mind the amount of extra work to do it all again, I went straight back to the shop for a new one :oops: Sometimes it's better to have peace of mind but at least the clutch bearing is fairly quick to change.

Good luck !
For anyone else who might make the same mistake...

I had already purchased the puller for the motor sprocket, and whaddayaknow, it works on the clutch center as well.

Now the clutch is re-assembled, but yet to be started ;)
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