Shock Absorbers for Commandos

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Dec 24, 2003
Mostly people said Viking was the best muffler to use, thanks.
No one mentioned the "Brit Spares" type from NZ with the Norton name on them..................I guess no one has tried them that reads this board.

Next question then.........

What are the best rear shock absorbers to use on a commando?
For single & two up riding..........

I recently purchased a pair of "girling" lookalikes for $168 AUS.
They are not waste your money on them.
There was not much wrong with the "Hagons" I had on it but for looks.
Another option is the IKON shocks made in Australia.

That said I have Hagon shocks and I agree that they are basic in the looks department.
shocks for Commando

The really good shocks are Koni 7610. If you look there are still a few left around unsold, but Koni stopped making them years ago. My original Girlings are still working, not the best but do the job. The IKON is a copy of the Koni. I don't have any experience with them, but have heard negatives.
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