Selling a bike overseas

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Jul 19, 2003
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I'm thinking of putting my bike on ebay and wanted to check to see if any members of this forum have experience with selling a bike to an overseas party.

Is it a real hassle, or can it be done with reasonable effort and security?

I've sold several with the crystal-clear, bold, all caps, red-lettered emphasis that it is the BUYERS responsibility to arrange all shipping and logistics for export.

In all three cases, I still ended up making a few phone calls to the local pick-up representative, and I charged two of them for crating including heavy duty skid base and bright, clear markings.
You need to hire a Broker here in the U.S. that you trust with your S.S. #. Brokers hand carry paper work through customs. That broker will also hire a broker in the country shipped to to carry it through their customs. Finding a good broker is key, now chant with me "Thank the gods for Harley's card board crates with sheet metal bottoms"
It seems no one likes your nasty old dead wood from a far off land. Once you get these two facts down it's no different than shipping a bike anywhere. People are people make sure you get to know and trust them.
What are the details on the bike? I am in the market . Its a matter of clear communication with the main detail in the shipping as mentioned. From a buyers perspective ,its usually how securely the item is packed and addressed, My experience mostly with parts etc is that once the purchase is made the vendor takes little or no responsibilty in the shipment process, I,m sure in most cases members of this forum and bike or whatever enthusists in general do not take that attitude and would want to be sure in their own minds that things arrived safe and secure. This takes effort and if I was selling to O/S which in Australia doesnt happen near as much as the other way , I would build in a premium into my price to allow for safe transport or make it clear that I could arrange for it as a Fee FOR Service
Hi Rob,
The seller can't take a hands off approach unless he/she is a fool. In order for a bike to leave the US the seller must supply their S.S. # or a company tax # to the broker. The whole transaction ends up needing trust on each end. A good broker makes everyone feel good about the deal. I found mine while shipping a bike to your country. The company was recommended by the buyer as they had shipped many a Harley to the States and back so the owners could fide their bikes in the US.
Finding a good Broker/shipper is the base of it all.
I never had to provide my "social security" (what a misnomer) number to ship out one bike to Austria and another to Australia.

Definitely make it clear that all costs associated with arranging brokerage are to be paid for by BUYER. Time is money, and as it is, I've been charging less than half what the big shops charge.
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