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Dec 19, 2005
has anyone put on of those manx style seats on their Commando? I am speaking about those somewhat flat and short seats with the hump in the back (and I don't mean that hump in the back!). I am looking for a way to give my Commando a manx style look without any crazy the moment it is stock with a Silver tank and black side panels.
any pictures or resources of possible seats would be greatly appreciated.
Are available but not as easy to find as for the Roadster. There is a gunfighter model made, think britbikes carries one, there is a firm in England that makes them and some of us have made our own out of an old interstate seat...look through the search, key word solo seat, I'd think and you will find more info. Don't give up....mine looks good with the solo seat... :D

PS...if solo isn't the goal...there is a 2 up seat from RGM too.
you might want to check out these folks. broken link removed

good luck
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Rick, Check out my cafe racer on the thread 'Tall tales --whatever made me buy a norton' It is on p5 of this very long thread. (this topic is currently on P4 of this forum)
I have a Manx-type seat for a wideline frame fitted, purchased from Dave Degens for a very reasonable price. I made my own mounting bracket and a flat metal plate with countersunk bolts brazed in place. The base is about the same width as the Commando frame rails and sits just above the rails rather than having the rails enclosed by the sides of the seat. I have shortened this seat to fit the rather long cafe racer tank and I also have a shortened and slightly raised rear frame-loop. There is not much padding in these seats and I couldn't recommend them for long journeys but they do have that wonderful evocative Manx look.
As L.A.B. points out there are dedicated Commando Manx lookalikes on the RGM website.
Dear Spitfire, not sure what bodies of water surround your personal Norton Land but if you happen to be between the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans, these just maybe the guys for you..

Even if not, they do have decent pictures in the customer section for your review..
I've just got my seat back from the upholstery shop...but haven't seen it! I'm at sea and am waiting for my wife to email me a picture. I modified a stock interstate seat pan and gave them a Manx style seat pic to go from. I'll post a pic once I get it myself :) Let's hope it turned out nice.
seats search.....

great info and resources....I spoke to the guys at RGM and they are sending over some pictures of their seat, since the example on the web page doesn't show the profile and after looking at the Clubman site, I found the Manx style I want, just have to figure out which size works and how to mount it...........Does anyone have one of these seats on their bike for me to see how it looks in action?
You were looking for the double up version then? You haven't specified and that will be of interest to those of us that might be able to help.... :D
hewhoistoolazytologin said:
You were looking for the double up version then? You haven't specified and that will be of interest to those of us that might be able to help.... :D

I was thinking of the Manx style seat.....not sure what the double up version is....however I did have a interstate seat that was from Norman Hyde....was raised in the back for the passenger....or cut lower in the front for the rider. the Manx style is what I really want....I just had the Commando repainted in a Black on Silver "Norton" scheme for the tank and the side panels are silver on black "850 Commando". the bike has a reall nice Manx feel with no major mods.
would post a picture of it if I knew how.
SpitfireRick said:
would post a picture of it if I knew how.

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hey fastback...

I was using putfile and it was having problems within my browsers...I just started a photobucket account and will try from that.....
BUT....hey thanks...the picture looks great.

test two.....


Sorry for wasting the bandwith.....hope this works
here he paint, old seat....

here is my commando that I want to replace the seat for a manx style example.


had a bit of flak too with posting a picture just now to test it....something with the server for a few moments was not correct...seems to be ok now..

Double up......the RGM seat is for 2 people, unless they now have a solo version....that is what I meant. I have a solo Manx seat on mine...self made like our buddy out there in the waves off Nova Scotia. You never stated if you want it to be solo, or "Double up".......(which you now must understand) which is it? :wink:
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