Rearset ideas?

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Jul 10, 2004
My '72 Interstate came with higher US bars and I've changed to a nearly flat bar, narrow, but just enough length to support the front disk master assy. I may be refitting a complete Dunstall / Norvil (?) kit with a fairing, long glass tank, side panels and a racing seat, all painted BRG. Working out the details right now, shipment from western Canada to Phila, etc. Nice winter project! The fairing uses a "pancake" headlight (included) - I am curious where the wiring connections will live. This setup will require either clip-ons or a clubman bar. Will be uncomfortable with the standard foot controls.

Accordingly I am looking for a set of rearsets (pre Mk3, r/h gearchange). I have seen the offerings from Clubman Racing (about $220) as well as Norvil UK. Have lost several eBay rearset auctions, one just a week ago - looked like a nice set and it went for about $180 (I lost by $4). Now there's a set of Dunstall rearsets which are gradually climbing past $230 (2 days left on the auction). Alternatively I could purchase a few of the key components form Norvil and fabricate the balance of the plates, etc.

Ideas from anyone who has converted recently? Should I hang in with the Dunstall auction set on eBay?

Stuart Ostroff

My opinion is don't waste you money on the Dunstall parts. Dunstall has a "big" name, but his equipment is poorly made. Norvil or Norman Hyde sets are better.
Who is the canadian co you are getting your goodies from, my winter project is also a 72 interstate, and my plans are similar, so id like to know about some of the places that offer products you are looking at.
Clubman racing is only a couple of states away from me in NH so it makes shipping easier.
Dunstall / Norvil parts

I am getting these parts from a private individual in Canada - a half faring, tank and side panels, plus a seat which is from a HD cafe-something. All parts were painted BRG a couple years ago - the pictures on eBay were of the parts alone. He has since sent me pix of the parts as they were on his Commando. I don't know what has happened to the Commando since, maybe original parts back on.

Once I receive everything - he proposes to ship in several lots, to get under the free duty rule - I will probably sell my present Interstate parts. Will first post on the forum before going the eBay route.

Of course it would be much simpler for me to get from local supplier - like Clubman in CT. But this stuff is unusual and the guy in Canada has it!

Stuart Ostroff
Norvil Rearsets

My recently completed 72 Norton has rearsets that were purchased from Norvil in England.

Good quality and they look good. I got the one that keeps the shift pattern the same. 1 up, 2,3,4 down.

There in lies the problem. If I wait until I come to a complete stop to find neutral, I can't find it with my foot. I have to bend over and use my hand.

I don't have a lot a miles on this bike yet. So maybe adjusting the gear shifter location will help. I haven't been able to experiment.

It is very important to me that I keep the stock shift pattern. If I had it to do again I would have the transmission's shift quadrand thingy modified and then use the stock shift lever shift lever mounted in reverse.

The shift lever would need to be modified as the kickstart lever is in the way.

Norvil sells all the rearset parts seperately, including a modified shift lever.

One other problem I have with the Norvil setup is that the right side foot rest becomes loose. It's supposed to fold up to use the kick starter but at times it folds down. I've taken it off and tightened it up twice. Maybe some Locktite will help.
I have rearsets from RGM on both my '75 cafe racer (left side shift) and my '73 Interstate (right side, linkage type). They are reasonable quality and reasonable price. Norman Hyde rearsets are on a friend's bike and I do like the quality, though considerably more expensive. My biggest complaint with all the right side shift rearsets is my ankle interferes with the kickstarter as I toe the shifter. It wears a spot on my boots.

Don't be in a rush to sell the Interstate parts. If I had to choose between my Interstate and the cafe racer (heaven forbid!), I would choose the Interstate. Much more comfortable.
rear set ideas

Stuart, Every generation goes through this, in the end, you will be much happier with the Interstate set-up. If you insist, the key is the kick starter, which I would recommend the one manufactured in the USA by, I believe, Sammy Miller Products, an off road company. The lever folds out like a bevel drive Ducati. I use a MkIII shift lever, which is alloy and very easy to bend around. The hyde unit would not require the MkIII lever and the above refered to kick start lever, when folded out, looks like it would clear the Hyde shift lever; I can't say from personal expierence on that point.
I have gone through this Cafe thing many times over, and if you are dead set on it I would investigate the PR set-up, if you are going to ride it. Again, give some thought to keeping the Interstate set-up/w a quality set of "Rear Sets". Hey Bill, about some input on this subject, since you where the prime tester on "Ultimate Commandos" .

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