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I have a good friend who's brother is a retired gynecologist.
He had a very nice boat, 50+ feet.
He named it the "See Snatch"....true story. His nickname amongst his physician cohort's was simply "Snatch".
Post your jokes and humor here.
Time to change up to a golf joke.

A guy goes into a Catholic church, and enters a confessional booth.

Guy: Bless me Father for I have sinned.

Preist: (with a heavy Irish accent) What was your transgression my son?

Guy: I said The F word last Saturday.

Preist: That's not too bad. Go to the alter and say 2 Hail Mary 's and I forgive you.

Guy: No wait! , It's more complicated than that. I need to talk about this, Father.

Preist: Well then, tell me about it.

Guy: Well, last Saturday was a beautiful day and I decided to go to the course for a round of golf.

Preist: Aah! Yes it was a fine day, I am a golfer too. I wish I could have been with you. So why did you say the F word?

Guy: Well it was my first shot off the Tee. I sliced the ball into the woods.

Preist: Aah! You were expecting a good day at the links, and you started off poorly, and said the F word.

Guy: No! Actually, I had a good lie and a clear shot back to the fairway. While I was studying my shot, a squirrel came up, picked up my ball in his mouth, and ran up a tree.

Preist: So! You hurled the F word at one of God's innocent creatures for his theft of your ball.

Guy: No! I was stunned and in shock, with my mouth agape looking at the top of the tree.
Then a hawk swooped down and picked up the squirrel with his talons and flew off.

Preist: Aah well! That action caused you to hurl the F word at the hawk.

Guy: No! I was still stunned. The hawk flew over the green, sank his talons into the squirrel who squealed and dropped my ball. The ball bounced on the green twice, rolled and stopped one foot from the cup.

There was silence in the booth for about 20 seconds.

Preist: Don't tell me you blew the Fu*$ing Putt!
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Two computer nerds developed an English to Russian, and vice versa program.

Their first try at English to Russian:
They entered " The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."

The Russian translation came back instantly, but the nerds were not fluent in Russian, so they had no idea if the response was valid.

One nerd said: "I know! Let us enter the response translation into the Russian to English version and see what it tells us.

So they did. The English translation came back instantly.

"The vodka is good, but the meat has gone bad."


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I once knew a gynecologist that took his job so seriously that he re decorated his hall through his letterbox

Ok it's an old one but still makes me laugh

A lot like the one about the gynaecologist who rebuilt his Norton engine through the exhaust and when congratulated by fellow club members he said with a sigh, give me a " four " or a CBX1000 any day of the week :eek: