others in San Francisco

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Jun 2, 2005
hey im new here on this forum... and newly returned to the joys and heart ache of british bikes. im looking for other people in sf riding commando's who i can ride with, share tips, comisserate.
SF Nortons

The local Northern California Norton Owners Club was originally the San Francisco branch of the Norton Owners Club (England) and is the only remaining NOC branch in the US, Chicago dropped out. We'll be meeting this Thursday night June 9 at the Prince of Wales Pub on 25th in San Mateo. Check out our website at http://www.nortonclub.com for the exact location.

The north bay ride is Sunday June 12 - details on the website. Your welcome to join in member or not. Usually 20 or more Nortons on this ride. Also check out the national rally of the International Norton Owners Association in Selmac, Oregon in July. The NCNOC will be co-sponsoring the event on the west coast this year.
thanks david.. ill be joining soon. my post still remains to find some more casual riding partners... ie bbq at zeitgeist, cruzing ggp , great highway and haight... on a weekday even.. im a BUM.. i mean self employed musician so i have a schedule with lots of time avail in the week and none on the weekends :p
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