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Jul 19, 2003
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I haven't followed this board for a few years. I got busy with some other things and parked my 73 Roadster before finishing sorting it out after a full restoration. I recently got it running, fixed the final issues and am having a blast with it.

I've got an OEM tool pouch that I want to populate with a tool set that is similar to what came with the bike. Can anyone tell me what tools came with these bikes when new? Also, please let me know if you have other suggestions of what tools to carry with the bike that can fit in the pouch in the side cover.

Thanks, any inputs are appreciated.
1. Small hammer
2. Multi-tip cheap Taiwanese screwdriver
3. Broken set of pliers
4. Half roll of duct tape
5. Bent coathangar
6. J.B. Weld
7. Small crescent wrench missing the jaw
8. Fouled spark plug

The above should be able to get you home in ANY circumstance.

hee hee

Sorry, couldn't help it, but that's what's in my kit...
My toolkit? Cell phone and a credit card :lol: (plus a few wrenches and so forth)

The factory parts list book has a page that lists everything that was included in the original toolkit. I think OldBritts has it listed on their website too.

Thanks, this is just what I was looking for. I can see that some of the tools that came in a box with the bike were from the original set.

I appreciate the response.
Not open for further replies.