Norvil isolastics install problem

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Aug 26, 2005
Hi All - I am installing norvil adjustable Isolastics on my 69 rebuild & have run into an unexpected problem...

The "norvil" rear ISO stud (the hollow stud where the adjustable collar screws on), was quite a bit bigger "inside", than the norton mounting stud therefore was loose by aprox 1/8 inch. I had to make up & install shims to fit inside the norvil ISO stud (on both ends). The shim will provide a snug fit for the ISO to the mounting stud & insure the rear engine cradle sits level in the frame.

Any one else experiance similar problems? Did you snug up the fit to the norton rear stud or install as is?
Are you sure the Iso mounting stud is the correct diameter?
(sorry for asking such an obvious question)
The mounting stud is an aftermarket Stainless one obtained from British Cycle... it appears the same as the orginal I am replacing thus the reason for my orginal question re the norvil adjustable ISO needing to have a bushing installed??

Is there anyone on the forum with a similar experance?
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