Norton riding gear

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Apr 15, 2004
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Here's a trivia question for those who have been around for a while :)

I was riding with a friend today, and he mentioned that someone told him Norton used to offer an electric vest that plugged into the accessory outlet. It was supposedly one of the first heated clothing articles ever offered in the USA. I can't recall ever seeing anything like that, but I grew up in Southern California and we didn't have much need for such things there!

So, we're just curious if anyone has heard of such a thing?

heres some blurbs i found about the jackets.. not much but something!

Heated apparel for motorcycling isn't a new concept. In 1971, Norton of England offered electric vests as an incentive with their new models. That same year Pat Widder, of Widder Enterprises, sold his first electric vests to the American public. The Widders are still in business (his son took over in 1985), and although they only have three competitors there's a lot of diversity in the electric apparel market.
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