Norton gene?

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Jul 10, 2004
:D I recently discovered a new "cafe bike" website started bya woman in MA. Last weekend I rode up to CT to have breakfast with Maggie and a few friends.

Take a look at the site and note the rider on the home page - this is me in 1969 on my Dunstall Atlas, purchased in London. Then look at the August Feature bike - me on that Norton in Amsterdam at the end of my one month tour; the next day the bike went to the shipper for crating to airship home. The green bike at bottom of the page is now in my garage and I ride it a few X every week.

Stuart Ostroff

I enjoyed the photographs; thanks for posting them!

What part of Connecticut did you visit? The Northwest corner, perhaps? My great grandmother owned the old Riverton Inn in Riverton, Connecticut, which was built in the late 1700s. Riverton is also home to the famous Hitchcock Chair Factory, or what’s left of it. Northwest Connecticut provides such beautiful countryside for bicycling or motorcycling.

I wish I were there, especially this time of year.

Fond memories…



Actually I met these folks in northeast CT, near the MA and RI borders, in a small town called Pomfret. At the Vanilla Bean Cafe.

I have been around NW CT on my way up to visit my son in Northampton, MA. That is certainly a very scenic part of the state.

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