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From one triples chap to another (dont let on :) welcome to a pretty good Norton forum. No Kilroy though :)

Good luck with the big twin. I ride mine every day to work and she always brings a smile to my face.

Two different beasts

Hi Scott,
the Commando is quite different from the Triple, I'm still trying to decide which has the worst clutch and brakes though. Sadly no Kilroy here, Norton is probably unpronounceable in 'Antipodean'
cheers and beers


A warm welcome to the forum!

If you have bike photos email them to me and I will post on the main website!

All the best - Jerry
Properly setup the norton clutch is the best, but a mixture of old type and later type components mess it up, just blueprint it and set it up as per the book. The brakes as standard are wooden and hardpressed to take the skin off custard and are best upgraded. For ideas see the recent thread on brembos, biggest problem is vast range of options but RGM do most of them.

Remember a Trident is 3 C15's, a norton commando is 2 B44 Victors :D
I reckon the Norton clutch is the better between the 2. You only have to look at the triples forum to see how much discussion there is on setting it up right. Practically nothing on this forum about the Norton clutch because it is pretty much no hassle with decent parts.

The brakes are both crap. There is a recent thread on improving the brakes but i reckon the biggest improvement comes from changing the lines to SS Braided. From then on the cost goes way up and the percentage improvement goes down.


Hi Jerry, Scott, Kommando,

Jerry, How do Ie-mail you the jpeg attachments of the Bike pics?

Kommando, I tested out my brakes in the manner you advised, but just ended up with a sugary yellow goo all over the garage floor, it did lift the oil stains though.

Scott, clearly my clutch isn't as it should be, but it is a damm site easier to get to than on the triple. Time to start a new thread !



Email photos to, replace at with @. You have to do that these days or the "spam bots" get your email address and bomb you with spam!

Spam is becoming less of a problem here in the house...we have changed to the Firefox browser.....99% of it is the same as I.E. and we got very quick used to it, no popups anymore etc...
And we have changed to the Thunderbird e mail program.....takes a bit of getting used to but it has filters and such, built in and after now, 2 weeks, using can now automatically remove about 80% of the spam that comes in, and the longer you "teach" it to recognise the spam....the better it will get. It won't work with "hotmail" though, but all other stuff, settings, addresses, accounts and such were just "imported from the I.E, all easy stuff to do, took about 10 minutes to get it up and running.
We have been happy to stop using the the MS stuff, there was just too much krap coming in, and as you work with the net, you know how many bugs there are in I.E. that cause it to not correctly read the HTML....the more I read and learn...the more I want to get away from the MS stuff....take a look at these two free programs....peace!
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