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May 21, 2004
Hi everyone

As I'm new I thought I'd introduce myself. My names Kevin, I live in England and have just bought a 750 Commando Intersate with combat engine. If I knew it would be this much fun I would have done it years ago!! I've also got a Honda VFR ( Interceptor in the USA ).

I went to my first Norton Owners Club meeting this week who are a great bunch of blokes, a fantastic range of bikes from a Vintage 1923 model ( complete with rider wearing tweed jacket and a helmet diguised as a Deerstalker hat ), an International ( very expensive over here ), Domminators, quite a few Commandos and a Rotary. Apparently the guy with the 1923 bike had to convert the lights from Acetylene to electric as they kept melting the light brackets....
Welcome Kevin, Must feel a litle odd haveing Your Commando be just one of the common bikes around. That man with the lights could have cooled things down by using Propane. That's what we have used here on antique cars for years. norbsa
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