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Sep 16, 2006
This is a list of the modifications on my 750 , 72 Combat .
Without damaging the original apearance , they make the bike as reliable and pleasant to ride as a modern bike , exept for the electric starter .
the 2 most important areas of improvement are the brakes and the cooling : I live in southern France where it can get very hot , so I added an oil cooler that opens at 83 deg. an oil pressure and temperature gauge .
It has an 850 clutch , a Boyer red microdigital ignition , anti dive forks , double discs with Lockheed calipers ( like the John Player Nortons) ,
RH6S head with 850 guides .
Lightened and polished cam followers .
Carburettors have hard chromed slides for less wear .
rubber coated cam chain tensioner .
Real oil seal on kickstart shaft .
Mk 3 isolastics , Mike Hemmings head steady .
Koni shocks , originally for BMW 1000RS but with softer springs ,
18 inch rims to compensate for the exta length of the shocks .
Raised clip ons with Brembo racing master cylinder from 916 Ducati .
23 T gearbox sprocket to allow high speed cruising .
Special side stand that does not damage the frame tubes .
The result is very satisfying .
the bike is very comfortable , brakes very well and keeps a good oil pressure , even at longer distances at high speed .
The Avon M20 tires give it exellent grip and stability at all speeds .

I noticed you have Konis on there. Have you taken them apart at all or replaced any parts in them? If so, how did you do it and where did you get parts?

I only ask because my basket case came with a set of Konis that desperately need to be rebuilt. I contacted Ikon who said they MIGHT have rubber parts for it, but if any hard parts need to be replaced they only offered the option of buying some of their $450 shocks. :shock: My biggest problem at the moment is finding a spanner to get the top of the body off just to see what's inside - any suggestions?
I will check around here a bit...think the koni thing got sold to some Australian firm or so. Have also Konis...adjustable type...been happy with them, just took a while to get adjusted to my weight...bit of trial and error stuff. Not something that you just change quick...depending on which girlfriend you don't have a spat with that week... :lol:

Found this...use some translator if you have to:

Look under Koni Federbeine...
Yeah, i had gotten in contact with Ikon before and they were the ones that said they probably only have the rubber parts. Just curious if anybody still makes the hard parts for them.
Of course this is all speculation at this point since i still can't get them open. hewho, i'm assuming you have some kind of peg spanner to disassemble - what kind do you have? or will any old adjustable one do? All i can seem to find online are ones for bicycles and i wasn't quite sure if they would be strong enough.
Excellent find - thanks LAB!

Looks like he just used a bicycle spanner anyway. Looks like a stop to the local bike shop is in order...
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