If your single Mikuni is giving out at the top end here’s a

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Apr 7, 2004
If your single Mikuni is giving out at the top end here’s a fix.

-To hot up a Mikuni, not for the fuel misers or if you lack patience. Start with a 34mm any bigger is a waste of time I tried a 40mm not good. So a buddy is into snow machines and he's reading these ads “turn your round slide Mikuni into flat slide performance "So we buy this thirty dollar piece of plastic that fits in the bottom of the slide smoothing out the recess there. It's called a "UFO" ultimate flow optimizer. Well now the air is undisturbed going in so follow the directions and than some all the way down to a 15 pilot jet or she chucks black smoke. Were the needle jet comes though the throat has to be carefully drilled per instructions, more fuel more air? Oh now the slide won't return to idle so file form plastic so it will. Fettle, adjust again and again. Oh my god it's working. So good is the response that the wimpy Mikuni spring can't hold her at a steady idle seems the air rushing in is lifting the slide. So add an old Amal spring inside the Mikuni spring, there "thanks" Stan at Rocky Point for that one. OK can it get any better oh yea more snow machine magizenes there this thing called a "Dial a jet" seems their motors run wild changes when the temp goes up and down and with all those clunky air boxes it's hard to change jets. So they have these nice big extra deep float drain plugs that you tap a ten thirty two hole into then another at forty five degrees on the top of the carburetor throat. You than hook these together with tubing and on the carburetor body you are given the means to dial the jet in. Now you still have to get your main jet right. But the possibilities are endless when you see that this can also be hooked to a remote float bowl with any thing your brave enough to carry. You see this rig delivers atomized fuel to the center of the throat only when it's moving lots of air and it's adjustable. Please don't ask your mechanic to do this for you because he doesn’t have the time and you don't have the beans. Norbsa48503
Just helped a man go though this with his carb and he was very happy with the pick up in prefomance. The UFO part is the main thing still playing with the Dial-A-Jet. norbsa
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