How much force is too much??

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Jul 16, 2006
I'm trying to break my exhaust flanges free, but they are on there TIGHT! i've got a make-shift breaker bar and the exhaust spanner from Old Britts. i've put some muscle into it, but not too much. How hard should these buggers be? I have one exhaust thread that has been repaired (prior to my ownership)..
The recommended way to *tighten* the exhaust nuts is to tighten them up, then run the engine until it is really HOT, then finally do the nuts up tight
otherwise they tend to loosen off easily, which means that when the engine cools down they are clamped quite tightly by the contracting alloy, so to loosen them it may be a lot easier to run the engine and try unscrewing them with the engine hot. Or have you tried that?
exhaust nuts

Hopefully no one has previously installed them with a locking ageant such as red "Loctite". It works, until you want to remove the nuts, then the stuff tends to wad up and gall the threads as you unscrew the nuts. Yes, I found out personally.

The method recommended to me and which has not yet failed me is to leave the bike sitting and apply WD40 or some sort of penetrating oil to the accessible area of the threads. Do this every day for a few days, and try to loosen the nut. The extension shouldn't be necessary.

Applying too much leverage to a seized nut will gall the threads the same way the aforementioned loctite would.
I will be replacing my nuts :shock: a some point as they are missing fins and pretty beaten up from p.o. - I can't imagine what they did to break a fin off... :cry:
Anyone have feedback on the alloy or bronze versions out there?

fastback said:
I can't imagine what they did to break a fin off... :cry:

250 lb DPO bouncing off the end of a six foot pipe :roll:

I've heard good things about the bronze nuts. My 750 has been good about keeping them tight. It was a constant problem on my old 850 though.

Hi Folks-
The mention of alloy exhaust nuts jogged my (somewhat slipping?) memory, so off to the parts section of the chicken house to dig and sure enough I have a pair of alloy ones brand new. They're dead sexy looking, but I have to wonder how good they are? I don't remember where I got them but I know they've been knocking around in a box for a decade or better. any insight from the Gurus?

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