hot starting

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Sep 28, 2005
my 850 starts first kick when cold and runs strong, however if I turn it off for a few minutes and go to start it again it frequently gives me problems. it has stock Amals, stock airbox, no choke, and Boyer ignition. how are you guys approaching hot starting? throttle position? tickle or not to tickle? what works for you?
mcsurf said:
what works for you?

Normally an easy first kick or press of the button (it's an 850 Mk3) for my own Commando (Amals/custom filters/Boyer).

To start it hot:

Choke...none (never use it anyway).
Tickler...none if the engine is still fairly hot.
Throttle..just lifting the slides.

Does adjusment of the carb pilot air screws make any difference?
Kick starting an Old Brit is definitely a learned art.

The problem is the cool down phase, some where between 20 min and two hours. Within 20 mins, just kick and go, after two hours, give a tickle then kick and go.

It's in between that's the problem.

One theory is the fuel is evaporating from the bowls as soon as you turn
off the fuel taps and the engine. When you start within 20 mins there is enough fuel to start but after that there isn't so now you try to tickle a hot motor and flood it.

One solution is to leave the taps on when you know you are coming back.

Another is to allow enough time for the bowls to fill before you start kicking.
well guys I'm still tickling if it's after one minute or one hour, and then she'll fire up fine. my Triumphs and BSAs always started up without any fuss if it was still warm to the touch. the bike runs great and the plugs are the appropriate shade so I'm reluctant to fool with the carbs so just call me the tickler I guess. thanks for the input.
hot start

If you flood the engine tickling the carbs, open the throttle wide open and kick more. It should catch and go. If nothing works, stop, turn off the ignition and enjoy a beer (Bass ale) before trying again.
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