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Is there a place when we can put photos of problems/catastrophies encountered with Nortons? I just received my rebuilt engine from CNW and they attached my old cam... half of the lobes are gone... A nice add to my personal horror museum! (Commando MK2 with 17000 miles on it!)
Yeah, and they usually leave a "razor blade" where the lifter doesn't ride. I remember the first set of cases I split on one I sliced the bejesus out of my finger when I tried to support the cam!

I was amazed that the bike had actually been running before we tore it down.
Sure seems odd that the thing most likley to fail was over looked. I think from previous dealings that they would back the work and it should only cost you time riding and the money for the cam. I don't speak for them, but have seen them back thier work in the past. norbsa
I think Philippe meant they returned his old cam when they rebuilt the motor. CNW was not to blame.
Ahh so like a blown piston paper wt. . The words problems/catastrophies got me reading this wrong. Thanks for setting me right Ron L.

Hi Philippe,

I would guess you have a Mk2 850 not Mk2 750 Commando, right? I've heard about soft camshafts with the 850s, not so much on the 750s. One of our local club members is a metalurgical engineer. When a local Brit dealer was having problems with new camshafts the member tested them to find they had not completed the nitriding process. He took them to work and finished the job, so there were around 20 very good camshafts being sold. This was about 18 years ago.
Yes it is a 850 MK2, and I've heard the story of the faulty cams before... wonder where all the metal went. as the rest of the engine was quiet OK, hope it was in the filter!!!... It was not CNW who was at fault they juts did the engine and sent me the original cam for laugh... Wonder how the bike was still working....
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