Head Gasket, which one?

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Jan 8, 2006
Hi All,

I wonder if anyone can help with a head gasket issue. The PO gave me a bag of various gaskets when I bought the bike. I am planning to pull the head off and inspected the gaskets on the weekend.

I have what seems to be two head gaskets, one is a plain copper sheet style, the other is a silver fibrous job. The manual talks about a "ferruled" one and goes on to say it can be reused which to me counts the fibrous one out.

Can anyone tell me which is the right one to use. If the copper one is the go should I anneal it before replacing?

The best head gasket for Norton is the "flame ring" or "fire ring" head gasket. This is a fiber gasket with a flat metal band about 1/2 inch around the cylinder bore diameter.

Part no. 06-3844 for 750 cc
Part no. 06-5051 for 850 cc

The copper ones are hard to seal. The non flame ring type blow out easily.

Forgot to mention that when you use the "fire ring" or "flame ring" head gasket, you need to insure that the proper gasket surface is placed "up". The gasket is marked.
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