"Hardtailed" 750

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May 19, 2006
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Can anyone give me simple instructions as to how to place an ebay link ? As an alternative, have a look at 4651743111.

I will refrain from all comment other than to say that it brought a smile to my face :) - Don't want Hew warning me about libel lawyers again. Where is he by the way ? Has he gone to Portugal ?
posting an e-bay link

copy the address from e-bay and paste it to the text box here. You have me curious.
79x100 said:
Can anyone give me simple instructions as to how to place an ebay link ?

If you are using Internet Explorer you should see an 'Address' bar. (if you do not then select>View~Toolbars and check Address bar).

When you have a web page open then the address of the page should show in the address box.

You can do one of two things to enter the selected web page as a link in a message.

This is generally considered the easiest way:

With both message page and (in this case) the eBay page open, then RIGHT click on the address in the box, then left click 'Copy'.

Go to your message page and left click where you want to put the address link, then right click and left click 'Paste'.
The link should then appear in the message. (I find I don't need to use the URL tags).

This should be your eBay link?:

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... %26fvi%3D1
Thanks ever so, L.A.B. I'm just of to have a try. The wretched ebay page was trying to post itself in it's entirety the first time I tried.

I shall take a deep breath and try it one step at a time.
Hey I got some of these strut bar replacment thingies if any of you dudes want a hard tail. Cost a whole lot less than this bike.
Good Grief ! - Do you mean they were commercially available ?

In my innocence, I thought that it was just a choice between Girlings and Konis.
Prefect for that High rider. Your swing arm bushings would last a real long time. But I cant warranty any of the the studs that hold the isos thingies together.
I find it humurous the bike is in the UK.
I thought that kind of sillyness was reserved for us here in the USA.
Gods teeth why would anyone want to do that to their bike? Hmm Hemel is only 30 miles from me I may scoot up there & have a look.
I'd bet the owner is a 'BIG' boy. Didn't think the Hi-rider bars were available in the UK. Love to hate the seat though, lol
Jay in NZ
Don't laugh....some of us did that over here in the early 70's. I had straight and solid 5/8 bars on my "chopped" 1958 3TA (the shocks were knackered)and 6" screw-in slugs on the fork tubes. With only 18.5hp it couldn't be any worse than the original. I did eventually put it back to standard and thought I learnt my lesson but it was fun for a year! I then went and built a show winning 650 Triumph chop with a '52 T100 frame and '56 T110 motor, 3" gooseneck and 10" springers with very little front brake (the rear worked better than my Commando brake does and it had to). Oh happy days!
Still alive....more than I can say for my computer...since Tuesday I can't load up Windows...I'm on my wife's computer and that just isn't the same...bike is indeed interesting...have to quit now....someone came to help me and my sick computer...later!!!!
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