gus kuhn style / glass from the past tank finally installed

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Jul 31, 2006
so I noticed a while ago that the lining of my fiberglass roadster tank was starting to bubble loose and decided to try a different larger tank. now that everything is together, i actually prefer the look of the original stock norton (hahaha, sigh), but anyhow here are pictures if you are curious about how a gus kuhn tank can look on a bike....

of course, i suppose a normal install would have involved losing / modifying the rear fender / installing clip ons / different side panels / sitting everything a bit lower on the bike, but i was (a) lazy and (b) wanted everything easily reversible to stock!!

the tank and seat comes from glass from the past - the guy does awesome work and threw in some hardware to help me out, but it all takes a sizeable chunk of time (as iwth most motorcycle related tihngs) so keep that in mind...

gus kuhn style / glass from the past tank finally installed

gus kuhn style / glass from the past tank finally installed
I like the paint scheme.

My dunsTall tanks are very similar. I believe they were all made by Reg Curley.
Looks great, did you line it with any of the products designed for that (por15...)? or does this tank not need any lining for modern fuels that can eat the old glass fiber tanks before lunch?


well, the "glass from the past" site says "All of our tanks are fabricated using modern resins that are compatible with todays alcohol and methanol based gasolines" and so i am hoping that translates to 'no liner needed'. i suppose it would have been the smarter way to ask and make sure first... but the weather got nice too soon, and my impatience got the best of me! it's day two without any leaks, so i'll continue to keep my fingers crossed...
If you are interested, I have a copy of their catalog...would happily send a copy per PDF. Give me a PM and I will try to get to it this month...will be away for have patience.
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