Grinding/polishing cabinet

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Dec 16, 2003
Hi. I'd like to get some input and ideas for building a portable (rolling)
polishing and grinding cabinet.
-What items I cannot be without.
-When not in use it has to look neat and clean in the garage.
-It has to have ample storage for supplies/tools.

My 1st idea is to have a small bench grinder (5 or 6") mounted to the top. When not in use it can be flipped upside down so the grinder is now inside the cabinet and the top is a work area.

Any thoughts?
Hi Stavenstumper,

My 2-cents ... The most frequent tool in my garage (and I have MANY :roll: ) is my pedestal grinder. It's a Craftsman 6", 1/3 HP, with a fine wire wheel and a grinding wheel.

My point is that I couldn't see doing any type of resto without it, or with anything smaller. I couldn't imagine flipping it up and down frequently because it's so heavy. I had a smaller one, but I kept stalling the motor by bearing down too hard (which wasn't hard at all).

If it was in a cabinet, I would have a tough time with long or large pieces (I've removed the shields and guards, and kept the tool rest.)

On the down side, the shop wall behind it has a permanent large dark splattering area, and metal dust and shavings do need to be swept up every year :lol:
I am with dana on mounting it on a pedestil. there are to many times that you need to have open access that a table top grinder does not allow. more so if you are going to use it as a polisher. if you are going to do a LOT of polishing you might want to look into a long arbor motor made just for polishing.
Hey bill,

Where were you when I was shopping for mine :lol: :lol:

Now I just have to go buy another tool for polishing ... YEEHAA!!

(I collect tools the way most women collect shoes) 8)
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