Future Upgrades

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Jul 18, 2005
So this week im going crazy and ordering a whole bunch of stuff to upgrade my bike.

heres a list of the things im considering. Please give your input on each or any and let me know what you think (especially if you think theres a better option or route!)

corbin gunfighter seat - NO OTHER OPTION WILL DO!

old britts custom taillight housing with stubby turn signals

(this is up for conversation) old britts belt drive, made by lytedrive http://www.oldbritts.com/11_800002.html - i like the looks of this kit, but i dont like the price much (i know norvil has a kit for 209).. anyone have any ideas on this? and also, should i upgrade the alternator and the whole works??

tranny seal upgrade from cnw

some sort of pancake headlight - possibly old ducati monster

totally redone custom wiring harness - did it myself and im almost done

upgraded electronics - i have a new podtronics rectifier, but whats everyones opinion.. whats the best/most reliable system to run (i realize opinions differ) - i also really like the cnw single coil conversion if i do goto boyer or sparx

i already bought a newer suzuki left handlebar switch (this one switch will serve all my needs, so no more right switch!)

im also working on the oil tank and lines (trying to source out some nice clear hoses. any ideas?)

somesort of brake upgrade to the front, and also how hard is a rear disc conversion from a mk3?

and misc parts and bits going to the chromer to get fancied up!
(this is up for conversation) old britts belt drive, made by lytedrive http://www.oldbritts.com/11_800002.html - i like the looks of this kit, but i dont like the price much (i know norvil has a kit for 209).. anyone have any ideas on this? and also, should i upgrade the alternator and the whole works??

I have run the norvil belt kits on 2 bikes and have not had a bit of trouble with either one. the lite drive might be a nice piece but the norvil looks like a better deal money wise. if you go with a belt drive dont forget to install the dual transmission adjusters.

I would also recomend the sparks alternator upgrade. I live in a headlight state and run a halogen light with NO dead battery's including a lot of idiling time while at bikeweek at daytona.

Since you already have changed the handlebar switch, consider a Magura or Brembo 13mm master cylinder to pick up the braking power. As far as the rear disc conversion, I did a MK3 rear on my Interstate and would not do it again. I used a complete MK3 engine cradle, swingarm, brake, and rear wheel along with an old Airheart master cylinder mounted on the frame under the seat and actuated by the standard cable. A more readily available Grimeca will do also. I slotted the cradle for the transmission adjusters.
I had all the parts laying around, so it was not a great expense, but I didn't really achieve much braking improvement, just a novel look. I'd concentrate on improving the front brake, maybe a CNW/QTM Brembo brake package.
I second Windy's alternator upgrade, whether you use Sparx or a Lucas 3-phase stator and Podtronics regulator.
ron and windy, thanx for the replies!

ron - i saw a post you had a whiles back about good things to upgrade, and a lot of that im taking into consideration.. the major focus of this upgrade will be electrics (i had to redo my harness anyways, so why not redo the accessories too!).
ill keep the rear disc out of my mind for the time being. im also working on figuring out a solution for the front end brakes too.. i had posted some thoughts on this a lil whiles back and still havent come to a sound solution for it all.

windy - i guess the norvil will be a good choice.. unless i order a whole bunch of stuff from old britts (then i might just get theres). i really like oldbritts a lot and im going to give them a call to discuss their kit.
Bill, I have been battling whether to use the Sparx 3 phase or the Lucas for some time now and finally got a Sparx. My concern was the extra heat dissipation of the Sparx.
Now I have the Sparx and behold it has 14 ga. wire from the rectifier being fed with 18 ga. from the stator. This tells me there is some heat going on at the rectifier.
I notice CNW sells a kit that uses 16 ga. for installation.
I am curious how you tied it all together.
Did you rubber or rigid mount the rectifier?
Hey Guys,
I have the Sparx 3-phase - seems to do the job nicely, even with a halogen headlight (with that battery, I don't suggest leaving the headlight on when it's not running....) :shock:

I mounted the reg/rect on an L-shaped bracket attached to the battery tray, behind the airfilter, next to my little battery.
Future Upgrades

well here it is

i just ordered a boyer ignition system and a custom taillight housing from old britts.

and also sparx 3 phase alternator kit, and the single coil conversion from colorado norton works.

this along with the custom harness that i have somewhat assembled (with nice watertight connectors), the suzuki switch i have and the seat i already ordered, this bike will be great this year.

now im just contemplating sending some parts out to the chromers..

and what to do with the oldbritts tailight.. should i polish it up or have it powercoated black.. hmmm
tricking out your norton

check out http://www.rockypointcycle.com/ for the best price on a Magura master cylinder and SS brake line.. This will change your life!
and Stan has a matching clutch lever just to balance things .... also His silicone rocker gaskets are the bomb!

Speaking of clutches, http://www.mapenterprises.net/mapcycle/ has a teflon lined clutch cable that along with a power lever like the Magura, makes the left side a two finger affair like a 11mm master cylinder does on the right..

Did I miss the part where you added a dual plug single fire coil? Makes starting a dream! One of those super CNW upgrades..

Also there is http://www.nithburgcycle.com/brit/commando.html for making that stock disk look better and lighter..

Lo and Behold, before you know it, you'll have as much in upgrades as your original purchase price.. But it will be worth it!!
Isn't this SO much? :lol:

you did miss the part about the dual plug single fire coils! i ordered it from cnw..

ill take a look into these other tidbits you posted too.. i am nearing the purchase price, but i could care less.. my mission (much the same as cnw) is to make this bike reliable and oil leak free.. to some thats a tough ordeal on old britts, but its a doable one for myself
Taylor Headsteady

Somewhere in the recent posts I saw a discussion on headsteadies.. Can't find it now but there is a US source for the latest Taylor model.. http://www.clubmanracing.com/Pages/cyclepartsnorton.htm and I believe they would be close to you no? In Fairfield, CT. Is there anyplace FAR away in CT??

You'll love the compu-fire coil!.. Don't forget to upgrade the plug wires as well.. I also upgraded the wires from the boyer unit to the coil.. and even tho the new boyer units have epoxy at the plate for to nagate the wires breaking, it doesn't hurt to add a little piece of foam under the cover plate to keep them viberating.

When I haven't left Midnite sitting around for a couple of weeks it's literally a step 'not kick' starter.. Don't forget a switch to a Halogen bulb .. Keeps the lights burning.. RockyPointCycle and Clubman have kits...

And yes, I don't care as well, they are SUCH beautiful things! At Daytona this year we were at a charity ball w/ Arlen Ness, Kino, the RedNeck Boys, BigDog, BadDog, MadDog etc Choppers and guess which bike they were all googling over, yeap the black bike with the skinny rear tire .. well a 110 is skinny to them anyway .. We were grinning all the way home!

My wife only worries that I might sell it, but there is no way as she bought it for me for a birthday present two years ago.. This stays with me till the end... Easy to see why the Dreer resto's were 20k WITH ones donor bike, no? Have a blast!
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