Front Brake Caliper Conversion

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Dec 5, 2003
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Here's a company that sells the bracket to use a Brembo caliper on a Norton and it appears they sell the rotors too. This may be the same set up that CNW sells. Take a look
You might be able to use a ducati/brembo caliper with this bracket also. The stock rotor might not be the same size though so you may be forced to get their rotor.
It does look like a nice clean installation though and price appears to be in line with CNW and Norvil kits.

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I checked with QTM. They indeed supply CNW. Their price breakdown is $85 for the caliper adapter, $370 for the 300mm (11.8 inch) rotor, and $275-355 for a caliper depending on what finish. Thinking seriously about the adapter and rotor. Too bad it's not designed for the 320mm rotors commonly found on Italian stuff. I'd still like to find a machinist willing to work with me to make an adapter from the Norton wheel to a 320mm Brembo (Ducati) rotor and adapter from the fork leg to a Brembo caliper. It seems this could be a way to an economical dynamite brake.
You might find a Suzuki GSXR rotor that would fit your needs. A guy in my area fitted one with out much trouble. They at least have 5 holes, apparently the offset is close as well. He used a six piston caliper off of a Kawi ZX-??. Haven't talked to him in a while, but that brake must be killer.

I have been toying with the GSXR idea for a while, but my brake works really good as is (squawk the tire with 2 fingers, moderate squeeze).

If you want something custom made, let me know. I have the Norton fork leg and associated hardware modelled in CAD, a new adapter plate would be a piece of cake.

Let me know off line: norton 8)


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