Fork seal caps

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Mar 1, 2007
I ordered a set of fork seals from MAP cycle along with the caps. The seals look fine but the caps I got really suck. Unlike the originals the replacements I got were made of a flabby rubber that do not pop onto the fork tubes well and look like they will be problematic coming loose and slipping up and down the tubes all the time. Any suggestions as to where I could get some new ones more like the original harder plastic??? Thanks for any help. I am in Fort Worth Texas.
I suspect what you have is what you get, my last two sets of slider caps have had electrical ties fitted around where the ridge sits in the fork slider groove to keep them seated.
Mine is no show machine but they are only visible if you look close.
Mark, I got mine from British Spares in NZ, good quality and a firm fit, had them on for a while and no problems. Rgds Vince

Surprise - the old Honda CB750 Four fork caps fit the RoadHolder fork legs and are a tough item. They look OK. I have the same flabby replacements on my Commando and yes, they slipped up the fork tubes so I put a bead of rubber glue around the edge of the fork leg and that sorted that out.

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