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I'm looking for ideas for removing the finned exhaust nut from the exhaust port. When I took ownership of my commando it had a leak at the right hand exhaust port. The previous owner must have attempted to remedy this through more torque!. Well, I've got new crush washers but have thus far been unable to remove the nut. I tried with the exhaust hot after running the bike with no success. I even tried to use a brass drift and a ball pien hammer but it still won't move. Soaking in penetrating oil hasn't helped either.
This nut is driving me nuts! Any suggestions?
.....A bit pricey, but if all else fails try the exhaust ring tool from "Old Britt's". You can use the drive end of your ratchet wrench or a breaker bar in the tool. It also grabs 2 or 3 of the fins instead of 1.

( No relationship to,or interest in "Old Britt's")

"Good Luck"
how about a long steel pipe that you can slip over the end of your wrench? That's probably how the PO got it so tight!

good luck,

If it's not leaking, you could make a good argument for not messing with it, at least until you put the bike up for the winter. If it's really stuck there may be a problem with the threads that will require head removal. My advise is, straighten out all of your other problems before messing with this and then do it when it's convenient. If you don't mind messing up the part, a pipe wrench is the tool to use. The factory tool is good under normal circumstances but may just result in bending or breaking fins if it's really stuck. When you put it back in, if you run pipes w/o a crossover, you can use the bronze 750 nuts which work better.

Don't let anyone see you because it looks barbaric, but a pipe wrench will get that nut off. Grip the nut with a 14" minimum pipe wrench and bear down; use a cheater pipe if necessary. Obviously you will booger up the fins on the nut but at least it will be off!


Once again - thanks for the advice. I considered a pipe wrench or cheater bar but thought of it as a last resort. My hesitation came for fearing excessive twisting torque possible warping or tweaking isolastics/motormounts. The only essential work left on my bike is fine tuning carb which I'm holding of on until I repair the exhaust leak. So I guess its time to apply the pipe wrench and a measure of caution. I suppose ordering a new nut is in order as I anticipate the wrench will make an awful mess of the original.
Actually, after looking at the exhaust tool that Old Brits has it looks like the best solution. It will fit a 1/2 socket so a large breaker bar with or without a pipe is possible and it will preserve the nut better than the pipe wrench and at $29 its less than the cost of replacing both nuts. Sounds like a go!
I have one of the larger standard exhaust nut wrenches. I get a solid hold with it and bang on the handle with a rubber mallet for sort of an impact gun effect. Sometimes repeated jarrings are much more effective than constant torque.

Good luck!

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