Fastback Glass

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Sep 25, 2004
Hi all, I have a very nice original green Fastback fuel tank that I want to use. I'm trying to find an nice original green tailpiece to match. It would be a shame to repaint this tank. I have a sound, but resprayed tailpiece in a different color. Would anybody have a nice original green tailpiece that they would sell or trade plus cash? This is for a '70 model. Rob
Hi David, Thanks for the response. Do you know if the Norvil piece is a correct color match to the original piece? My alternative is to color match and paint the tailpiece, but I'm not sure how this will look. I'm going to explore all possibilities before painting the tank though. Rob
Chances of getting the color exact is slim. I suggest you take your tank to the paint jobber, have him match the color and paint your tailpiece to match. If your jobber and painter do it correctly, you needn't paint the tank as well. If it were my bike, I'd paint them both and either stencil the tank logo under a clear coat or apply the transfers prior to a layer of clear.

What is the maximum recommended time interval between the application of the PPG "epoxy" primer and the color coat? Per PPG literature, the clear coat must be applied within 12 hours or so of the color coat. And if you exceed this time frame, the color coat must be re-applied.

So, I was wondering if there are any special rules about the time interval between the primer and color coat.

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The "official" PPG stance is epoxy primer can be color coated directly within one week of application. After that, we recommend sanding, cleaning and another application of epoxy primer prior to color coat.
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