Draining oil

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Dec 5, 2007
my 1970S 750 doesnt appear to have a drain plug ( that i can see) do i need to take off the junction where the hoses connect to the case to drain it, That doesnt seem right to me

Rockyrob said:
my 1970S 750 doesnt appear to have a drain plug ( that i can see)

I'm guessing that you are referring to the oil tank (rather than than sump?) and I don't think there is a drain plug on the tank. The tank is drained by undoing the oil feed pipe bolt on the tank on the S model as recommended in the owner's handbook, as that also incorporates the oil tank filter which should be cleaned.

The sump filter should also be cleaned.
Your right there is no drain. I've also got a '70 "S". I tried drilling and tapping the centre of the strainer bolt so that I wouldn't have to keep undoing that (I have an oil filter so the strainer doesn't need to be regularly removed). It was still awkward and messy trying to drain the oil without drooling all over the side of the bike even if I made up a little trough. I finally rigged up a pump with a 2 foot copper pipe on the end that I slip into the tank and suck out the contents. Works good for me. At the very least if you still want to clean the strainer you could at least do that after the tank was emptied.
I'm with zotz on this one - suck the oil out! It's easy and quick when the oil is warm. And best of all, it's not messy.
You might try removing the junction block at the timing cover. Of course, you would need a new gasket (easy to make if you don't have one), but you could direct the flow outward, with the hoses.
Thanks for the advice guys , i will stop looking for the drain plug and start looking for a pump. I will drain the sump and clean the filter also. I,m waiting for a few parts and havent had it going for a week or so , most of the oil should be in the sump by now anyway i guess.
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