Corbin Seat

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Oct 18, 2005
Hi All~

I just got a 75 Norton Commando 850 and I was wondering what anyone thought of the Corbin Seat for it cause the stock seams to be a bit wide for me.

Hi Sara,
I have the Corbin seat on my 74 Commando. I believe it is just as wide as the stock seat, although it is just a touch lower. It is also somewhat stiffer than the stock seat as Corbins tend to be. Another thing, the Corbin has the built in bucket, at 5' 9" I find myself stretching slightly to sit "in" it. Truthfully, I find the stock seat to be more comfortable, but, I leave the Corbin on because it looks so damn good.

I had been intending to break my years of silence on the forum and post a similar question on the Corbin seat -- my concern was that it would be cramped versus the standard roadster seat. I'm 6'2" and find that my normal riding position on the stock seat is back on the passenger's space. The bike is very cramped for me when I'm forced to make room for a passenger.

Any tall riders using a Corbin gunfighter seat?

BTW, Corbin has just released an updated gunfighter saddle for the Commando, as well as a new alternative -- the "Smuggler."
I'm 6'2" and have the Interstate version of the gunfighter, which i think is the same as the roadster version with front section trimmed back to clear the longer tank.
It sits me about an inch further forward than was comfortable on the standard seat. I find the gunfighter position more comfortable than the standard seat, i run with flat bars and stock footpegs. On a long ride i still end up with feet on the rear pegs so may go to rearsets eventually.

Can you put in a photo of your bike with this "Interstate" version mounted on it? Been looking for something like that for awhile...even to the point of being almost finished with building my own out of an old seat pan...I had looked on thier website and never saw any saddles for the interstate...only the roadster.


i beleive that Corbin only do the i'state seat for Colorado Norton Works. It then gets a bit confusing - i bought mine from Doug McCadam who was, but is no longer, part of CNW. His contact is dougsnortons at hotmail dot com.

I will have a go at posting a pic - it may take a day or so.

I'm really curious how it looks. As to how you got one....that might be able to be worked around. If you don't know how to submit a pic...see a thread a bit back down the list....I did my best to explain how :roll:

Looks like the image has been shrunk, hopefully this is readable.

Corbin Seat

That looks snazzy! What a pleasant change. Most all machines with solo seats seem to be roadsters....and being an Interstate owner, and wanting a solo seat, seemed to be almost imposible to accomplish. As I said...I've gotten so tired of the butt sliding back to the passenger area, every time I gave a bit of twist to the throttle....I have found an old seat pan and cut it down, welded, etc to make it fit my interstate....but mine won't, when I'm finished with it, look quite like that....yours looks just perfect. Have to hope I get a wish free at Christmas time. Thanks for the photo... a copy might just end up on the screensaver here. I'll check how it looks and if you want a copy...I'll send you one. :D the way...if you insert any more than about a 600X400 picture, the whole thread gets dragged over the border of the screen......a smaller pic, and no bars to pull, etc..... :wink:
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