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Jun 9, 2004
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I have the original speedo fitted to my Commando MK2A and over time the bezel surrounding the unit has corroded showing a tarnished finish. What is the best method for having this renewed, either send away to be replaced or is this a job that i could do myself? If so what work does it entail?

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I recommend sending your speedometer to a professional to have the bezel replaced. Palo Alto speedometer in California does a good job of repairing speedometers for a variety of vehicles, including Nortons.


If it is just the bezel, you can replace it yourself. Buy a new bezel kit (available from many British parts suppliers for about $30). Carefully pry up the old bezel, being careful not to damage the cup. Alternatively you can carefully cut the old bezel with a Dremel tool.

Compare the parts in the new kit with what you just removed. You should have a beveled rubber to fit into the bezel with the flat edge against the glass, and a flat rubber to fit between the glass and the cup.

Place the assembly upside down on a flat, padded surface and with a small hammer and an aluminum drift, slowly tap the bezel edge down to the cup going slowly and working around the cup.

I have a friend who made a jig with a ball bearing that he presses against the edge with a drill press as he turns the cup by hand.

If this technique bothers you, do as Jason suggests and send it out to PA or Nisonger, or any other conscientious rebuilder.
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Can you recommend a rebuild from Palo Alto Speedo? I need to have my tach redone. 6-7 years ago Precision Machine did the gauges and the tach has a bouncing needle again. I'm in the SF Bay area and Palo Alto would be more convenient in the case of wanting to see why it's taking so long as did Precision in Georgia.

Palo Alto

I just had 2 Smiths redone at Palo Alto Speedos and they look great and perform well...Maybe its better to ship them the parts and not go there: these people are so un-pleasant that I thought I was back home (France!). But they work is real good if a little expensive (specially when I broke the brand new glass trying to put the tacho back inside of the rubber cup (Triumph X75)...).

I had Palo Alto repair my Veglia tachometer and feel it turned out great; it looks like new and no more bounce! They're not cheap though. It cost some USD 130.00 for my tach rebuild, which included new glass and new bezel as well as the repair.


My speedo needs some work also. The needle bounces all over the place. I'm told this is usually caused by deteriorated rubber mounting grommets.

Is $130.00 about right to get one repaired?

Do they "rebuild" the gauges or just fixed the problem?

BTW about 10-12 years ago, a gauge rebuilder replaced my broken glass. Instead of glass he used plexi-glass. After all this time the plexi-glass still looks looks like the glass on my tach.
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Seven years ago Precision in Georgia charged $95 per guage. They aren't in business any longer. Nisonger in New York also does this service, but since I'm in California, Palo Alto sounds better. For the $130 I would hope this is a total restoration.

Regarding the bounce, I've been told it's the magnet rubbing the wheel on the bottom of the needle. The bushes normally provide an adequate space, but as they wear the space gets reduced. I notice on my tach if I drive it with an electric drill (in reverse) and tip it face downward the bounce goes away.

Another winter repair along with the pulsing front disc brake.
Hi there illf8ed,

Regarding tachometer repair pricing from Palo Alto, your repair could be more or less $$$ than the USD 130 that I paid. This repair price was quoted to me after the folks at Palo Alto received my tach and evaluated the necessary work required to bring it up to scratch.

I'm sure the procedure will be the same for your tach. So, if you don't like their repair price, have them mail the tack back to you.


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