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May 24, 2007
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Anyone have a favorite chromer when it comes to getting parts chrome plated? (Show Chrome) I didn't know if there's one place everyone swears by or I'm on my own. Prefer the southeast but will send the parts out most anywhere if the qualities good enough.

Tried searching but couldn't find anything.

I pretty much gave up on chrome. Living in an extremely humid climate, Florida, it became a losing battle. I have either polished aluminun or polished stainless steel. When I restored my bike, in 1999, I bought a lot of new chrome. Most of it is under the bench now. Besides, a new polished s.s. part is about the same price as rechroming the original part. Of course, if you want to remain Norton correct I guess it's chrome.
I use Chromemasters here in Nashville. Strictly first class show quality work. Look at their web site at I'm sure you can finder cheaper work but all of the work they have done for me has been first class. Don't expect fast turnaround because they stay busy. But the work they do is worth the wait for me.
jmc, I have a chromer fairly local that I use. This is a cottage industry type of place, has always preformed to my customers expectations. For example, the last thing he did for me was a rusty Dunstall 2/1/2 pipe. He dechromed, removed the rust and filled in penitrations, nickled, chromed and polished for 280.00, one week turnaround. He takes on no new customers, works mostly for the classic car guys He is located away from the big city behind an auto parts store in deapest NW Georgia, they shoot first!
If I can help let me know.
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