Boyer Power Box

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Oct 17, 2007
Greetings from down under.

I am looking to put a Boyer powerbox on my 73 850 to replace rectifier,zener diode etc.

Wondering if anyone has done this and were they mounted it.
Also if you know of any pitfalls or pluses for this job?

Boyer Black box

Hi Baldric,

I purchased a very small 12V battery and mounted it in the usual place. The Boyer box fitted nicely next to it. I drilled 2 small holes on back of battery box and mounted it there. It has worked out very well. It was a good upgrade.

Boyer Black box

I ran my Commando direct off of the alternator but found I needed a small battery to aid starting. I mounted mine on the battery tray.
Brilliant bit if kit
Thanks for your replies guys.

I will order one and put it on my winter list of this to do.

I will have to look at alternatives to siting it as I have my 1l crankcase breather bottle infront of the battery and it work we and looks tidy.

I am using a shell oil bottle that has a side sight level guide so I can see when I have to empty it.


Hi Baldrick,

Just to add to above posts that I have used a Boyer Powerbox on my Rickman Metisse for the the last 10 years with no probs at all. :D
I run it direct off the alternator with no battery, single dual output coil & Boyer electronic ignition.
It is a good starter & I guess my size 12's & extra few pounds I have put on help as well :)
Regards Hursty.
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